Our Russian Adoption Timeline

Some people count the beginning of the “paper pregnancy” as when the dossier is submitted. I am including more detail here to give you a sense of our journey. Once our dossier is submitted to our agency(and it has been), our wait time for a referral was estimated at 6-9 months. From our initial application to our official adoption of Baby Brandt, our process was estimated at 12-18 months.  As you can see below, our journey took about 15 months.

9/6/07 Application approval from _____Agency.

9/8/07 Attended ______ Agency seminar in Indianapolis, IN

9/21/07 Mailed initial payment and contract/agreement to AWAA.

10/3/07 Individual interviews with social worker for our home study; submitted half of payment for home study.

10/4/07 Ordered certified copy of our marriage certificate from KY Vital Statistics.

10/8/07 Joint interview with social worker for our home study.

10/8/07 Heather’s physical #1 with doctor.

10/10/07 Home inspection with social worker for our home study.

10/12/07 The notary’s signature on Alan’s employment reference letter was verified at County Clerk’s office, Jefferson County, KY

10/12/07 Our certified copy of our marriage license and Alan’s employment reference letter were mailed via UPS to KY’s Secretary of State to apostille for our Russia dossier.

10/13/07 Heather takes written driver’s license so that she can get an IN license and apply for a passport and homestudy fingerprinting.

10/17/07 Apostilled documents arrive from Secretary of State, KY

10/18/07 We register/pay for fingerprinting for our homestudy.

10/19/07 We both submit applications for passports; Alan has his physical for the homestudy.

10/22/07 We are fingerprinted for our homestudy.

10/23/07 We receive word that our fingerprinting/background check is clear.

11/2/07 Heather receives her passport.

11/6/07 Received word that homestudy agency obtained our police reports.

11/8/07 We receive a rough draft of our homestudy.

11/9/07 Alan receives his passport.

12/5/07 We receive the finalized signed and notarized copy of the homestudy report.

12/8/07 We mail our application and fee to USCIS.

1/4/08 We mail our Indiana notarized documents to the IN Secretary of State for apostilles.

1/9/08 We receive our apostilled documents from the IN Secretary of State.

1/11/08 We mail our initial dossier and 2nd payment to adoption agency. Also sent payment for translation of our dossier and post-placement reports deposit.

1/12/08 Our agency receives our dossier and begins reviewing it. Homestudy report needs a minor correction.

1/22/08 We are fingerprinted by USCIS.

1/24/08 Our agency receives our apostilled homestudy report and mails it to Dr. to review before it goes to Moscow.

2/2/08 We receive our approval letter from U.S.C.I.S. (I-171) The same month, we apostille it and send it to the adoption agency.

2/08 The dossier is sent to Russia be translated. Estimated translation time: 2 weeks.

4/08 Interagency Agreement is requested; we forward it to our agency to forward to our placing agency on our behalf. It will join the rest of our dossier in Russia (where it will be translated).

6/08 The dossier is registered in the ??? region (per our agency we cannot post this on web before adoption finalization).  We work on regional documents, including FBI clearances, state police clearances, county assessor’s affadavit, insurance letter/insurance coverage documentation, and some repeats of documents we did for the initial dossier which are also required for our region.

6/25/08  We receive our referral for a little boy.

6/30/08 We accept our invitation to meet our referred child.

7/8/08-7/13/08 We go on 1st trip to Russia.  We visit our little one July 10, 11 & 12.

7/14/08  We complete a first trip photo album and a couple of legal documents that will be needed for court.

7/08  We request another copy of our marriage certificate from KY Vital Statistics and have it apostilled (it is expiring soon for our initial dossier).

8/08  We start the paperwork for updating our home study report.  We contact USCIS because it is likely our son will not be in the age range they have in their records when we go the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on our second trip…

8/10  We register and pay for our fingerprints for our homestudy update.

9/4  We have our visit in our home for our homestudy update.  Still waiting on homestudy update to be completed as of 9/10/08.

9/24/08  Our homestudy update is finalized.

10/1/08  Our homestudy update is ready to pick up.

10/1/08  We mail some documents to our agency to replace our documents which are expiring in our initial dossier…

10/9/08  Heather has some medical tests done at OB/GYN’s office for Russia.  These include tests for STDS and a drug test.  We will take the results(notarized) to Russia with us on trip two.  Heather picks up a document corrected by our homestudy agency (for a document expiring soon in our initial dossier).

10/10/08 We mail our homestudy update and some more soon to be expiring documents (from our initial dossier) off to be apostilled.

10/10/08  Heather has x-ray of lungs (tuberculosis test) which is required.  We will take results with us to Russia on trip two.

10/16/08  We mail our apostilled homestudy update to our agency to forward to our region along with a couple of other documents we re-did which were expiring soon.

10/28/08 We receive our Petition to Court which will accompany our documents when they are officially submitted to court.

10/30/08 Our Petition is mailed to Russia!

11/3/–Bank Holiday in Russia. We think offices are closed.

11/4–Russian Holiday Observed–Day of National Unity.  This means government offices and adoption related offices are closed.

11/6–Our petition to court arrives in our region in Russia.  Hopefully, our facilitator will get it 11/7 or 11/8.

11/7–Peace and Harmony Day in Russia.  We think offices are closed.

11/11/08 Alan has some medical tests done at the doctor’s office for Russia.  These include tests for STDS and a drug test.  We will take the results(notarized) to Russia with us on trip two.

11/11/08 As of now, we know our Petition to Court is translated into Russian and ready to submit to the judge.

11/12/08 Our court paperwork is submitted to the judge successfully.

11/12/08 Alan has x-ray of lungs (tuberculosis test) which is required.  We will take results with us to Russia on trip two.

11/12/08 At 3:15 p.m., we receive word of our court date and travel dates.

11/26/08 We will leave for our 2nd trip to Russia.

11/27/08  We will arrive in Moscow.

11/28/08  We have our 8 doctor medicals in Moscow.

11/29/08  We leave for our region.

11/30/08  We arrive in our region.

11/30/08 or 12/1/08  We visit Colin.

12/2/08  We have our court appointment.

12/2/08 Our 10 day waiting period begins.

12/13   Gotcha Day!

12/13 Expedite Colin’s Passport (3 day process).

12/17/08 We leave for Moscow with Colin!

12/17/08  We arrive in Moscow and Colin has his medical appointment.  We also had his visa photo made.

12/18/08 Our facilitator submits Colin’s documents to the U.S. Embassy.

12/19/08  Receive Colin’s Visa

12/22/08  Apply to Russian Consulate

12/23/08 Receive Consulate Registration

12/24/08  Leave Moscow for Home with Colin!

12/24/08  Arrive home with Colin!

1/21/09 Appointment with Riley Hospital’s International Adoption Clinic

2/09 U.S. Immigration requests new copies of Colin’s photos because they were damaged when they received them from Atlanta’s processing center…It will take up to 30 more days before we receive Colin’s certificate of citizenship…

2/5/09 Colin has his bloodwork done which Riley Hospital suggested.


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