On My Heart…

15 Jul

Please pray for our future child and for her birth mother–wherever they may be.  We know that we could meet them next month or next year.  In any adoption journey, you find that every thing is unpredictable.  We pray that God will be glorified in the adoption of our daughter.  We are so grateful for all who have given or are giving to our adoption fund to help us cover the expenses of bringing home our daughter.  Your kind words and prayers give us strength as we wait for God to reveal the little one He has planned for our family.

We haven’t read the book, The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family, but recently a speaker at church referenced this book when he asked us each to consider what the “rallying cry (top priority)” of our families is for the next 3-6 months.  Right now, our “rallying cry” is honoring and trusting God in our adoption process.  God taught us so much about trust during Colin’s adoption but I find myself starting to dwell on the “what-ifs” instead of trusting God….Seeing Colin is a perfect reminder to us on a daily basis that God is in the miracle working business and He will provide for what He has called us to do–bring home our daughter.

Today, Colin was pretend playing with his little people and pretending that they were going to see his baby sister.  We are praying that his transition to being a big brother will go smoothly and that he will understand that our love for him will never change with the addition of another little one.   Colin gives us joy and keeps us busy as we wait for his sister!  We are so thankful that our home is filled with the chatter of our sweet boy because we remember how quiet it was around here when we were waiting to bring him home.

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Colin and eyes in evening light


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