Advocating for Our Daughter…

2 Jun
We have been told that we must return the homestudy report to the agency before they will correct their mistakes…so another week will go by without us having our homestudy finalized.  We can’t apply for grants or apply to placing agencies until the homestudy is finalized.  We have also been told that if we require/request a homestudy update we will be required (by whom, we don’t know yet) to complete/show documentation of adoption parenting training. 
Yes, we believe that ultimately God will be glorified through our adoption of our daughter but, as Alan reminded me tonight, this is not necessarily “God’s timing.”  We know Colin was not better off waiting for us in Russia for 5 months before we could take him into our loving arms…it was out of our hand…and in many ways our adoption stories so far are very much spiritual warfare.  Satan (we believe) does not want these children to be adopted into Christian families and he does all he can sometimes to try to beat down families in the process of adopting…

So tonight we are asking for prayers for us as we continue to advocate for our daughter who haven’t met yet.  Please join us in praying for this homestudy to be released with its corrections soon and for God to remove the remaining obstacles between us and our daughter…to His glory. 

“Precious baby girl, we are praying for you as we wait for you….We don’t know if you are born yet or not but we know that we are longing for you tonight.  We are praying for your well-being as we wait for the obstacles to be removed that stand between us.  We are excited about welcoming you into our family someday and we pray it is soon!”


One Response to “Advocating for Our Daughter…”

  1. Michelle June 3, 2010 at 2:19 pm #

    You all are always in my prayers. I pray they correct the error’s quickly.

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