Puzzle Fundraiser Update…

17 May

We are still posting on both blogs but our other blog will tend to focus solely on our domestic adoption journey while this blog will still touch on some of the day to day of our life with our son.  We have now had 14 puzzle pieces sponsored, which means there are 486 more puzzle pieces that still lack sponsors.  If you are interested in sponsoring a puzzle piece, please click on the paypal button to the right on this blog or our other blog.  If you’d rather send a check, please leave a message for us and we will send our home address to you by email.

Our homestudy SHOULD be in our hands this week.  That’s our hope based on our agency’s email to us recently.

We are talking to Colin more and more about his sister.  When we talked to him last week, he asked when she was coming and then he said, “Friday?”  We assured him that she was not coming that soon!  We know he is going to be a good big brother.  We are excited about him having someone else with whom he can play and we are looking forward to seeing how God leads us to this little one!  We are still open to the possibility of sibling but we aren’t dwelling too much on that possibility right now.  We are trying to gather the little we can (not knowing her age) in case the adoption moves very quickly (for example: a car seat).

Having Colin to help keep us busy makes this adoption process feel very different than Colin’s was.   It was so hard waiting on him and hearing the quiet and our arms aching to hold a little one…Now Colin feels our days with laughter, play, “sugar” (as in kisses) and, yes, sometimes challenges.  We love our precious boy so much!

Please do feel free to take a blog button!  I don’t know that anyone has yet but we’d love your help in spreading the word about our blogs and our adoption.

Thanks for stopping by,



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