Easter and Homestudy Update

15 Apr

For Easter we visited my family in Tennessee.  Colin was so excited to visit.  He’s been trying to ride his tricycle to visit his Grandma and Grandpa Bain almost every day since Christmas!  He developed a cough on Thursday but we decided not to postpone the trip over what might end up a little cold.  This was his first long car trip since potty training and he really did super!

Unfortunately, Colin’s cold continued to linger.  He had a fever and cough most of the weekend.  He didn’t get to go to the Easter Egg Hunt or church  on Sunday.  IMG_5502_croppedHe enjoyed celebrating his birthday with his fellow April birthday pals–Granny and Uncle Clint.   He was a trooper and was in a good mood and playful most of the time despite his illness.  Just look at this smile he had for his Aunt Calli when we were having his birthday cake? IMG_5495 (see below)

Colin has a new friend–his Twilight Turtle–which Grandpa Bain was excited to give him to help with sleeping alone at night.  Here Colin is enjoying his other favorite nighttime friends, his thumb (we still have had no success with breaking him of this habit) and his Papa.


Update on the Homestudy that Goes on and on:

We found out that our set of fingerprints’ report done in January (!) were either misplaced or never made it to our homestudy agency. The agency has requested the state send a copy of the fingerprints reports so there should be no added expense.  Our homestudy was begun in late October with us working on most of our paperwork and fingerprints after New Year’s.  This is definitely taking longer than our homestudy for Russia did.  It looks like it is not going to be finalized before Colin’s physical is a year old so we will have to request a letter from his pediatrician again after his 3-year wellness check.

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One Response to “Easter and Homestudy Update”

  1. janine April 19, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    I can’t wait to hear more about your domestic adoption. Does that mean that your daughter and possible siblings could be from any state? Do you travel to that state to finalize the adoption?

    Happy belated birthday to Colin! What a fun age 3 is turning out to be!

    You asked for some suggestions for birthday activities. Let’s see….3 year olds love scooping/pouring. We like to set up large tubs on a kids’ table and put some measuring cups, or other small containers, sifters, etc and fill up the tub with anything…water, colored sand, cornstarch, rice, birdseed, dried beans and let them scoop and pour. Bubbles in a large container with huge bubble wands is fun to run around with. Art of any kind. We painted rocks, added glitter. You could have a large piece of butcher paper up for kids to paint or use rubber stamps, coloring free coloring pages off the internet, make paper crowns/hats with crayons and stickers, make homemade playdough, hide small plastic coins or little toys in the sandbox for them to uncover. Set up the train table, set up ramps with plywood or pvc gutters and roll cars down it. Water table with washing dishes or babies and a little bit of soap bubbles, making paper plate kites and running them around the yard. Rivers in the sandbox to float boats made out of scrap wood and decorated, freeze different containers of ice, stack up the ice in a table tub and give them eyedroppers and dip into different colored water and put it on the frozen ice sculpture, let them face paint with face paint crayons and a mirror, play tunnels, big large balls, stomp rockets..ideas are endless… Have fun!

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