Update on Home Study

3 Mar

Yesterday, we sent off many of our supporting documents that were still needed for finalizing our home study. (hopefully Colin did not break the UPS copier when he opened the door when it was in the middle of a print job yesterday!) In a way, I am a little embarrassed that our home study is taking so long this time, but we haven’t felt like we were in a hurry and the holidays and life with a two year old just have led to some delays in our paper gathering.  It is almost done!  Praise the Lord!

We have finished writing our profile narrative.  I have started putting together our profile (combining photos and the narrative to make something sort of like a scrapbook to submit to our adoption agencies).  We are doing this as a digital scrapbook so I can get lots of nice looking color copies made cheaply and quickly.

Once we have our home study finalized, I can officially submit our applications to the agencies we choose (based on recommendations from Christian Adoption Consultants) and I can look into applying for grants and loans again for the adoption.  The paperwork will not end! 🙂

I will give an update soon on how much we still lack on projected expenses for the adoption.  I’m trying not to stress too much about that but just focusing on finishing up our paperwork and praying for God to lead us in this journey to our daughter.  I admit I am starting to daydream about our daughter and what age she may be when she becomes a part of our family…and enjoying looking at little girl clothes and girly blankets.

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One Response to “Update on Home Study”

  1. Nicole March 5, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    Thanks for your comment! I am so excited to follow your adoption. It must feel good to have your home study almost complete. It is hard to get paperwork done with a young one:) I will be curious to see how you compare the international adoption process vs. domestic. And how they differ…I don’t know maybe one day we will be looking into it also:)

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