Photography on My Mind…

23 Feb

I’ve entered another contest of sorts but this one I found out after entering is going to be based mostly on votes(you can vote for me at her site if you would like to do so) …It is for a mentoring opportunity with professional lifestyle photographer Brooke Snow (see her blog at  What it would provide:

A Weekend private mentor session

(2 hrs. on Friday evening and 2 hrs. on Saturday… one on one in the office discussing what I need to learn.  Camera techniques, creativity, editing, or business.)

-Private photography session of myself! (sat.)

-Model session of my choice (family, kids, seniors, couples) where we shoot side by side. (sat.)

I can watch how Brooke approaches a shoot and direcst people, as well as take the reigns myself and have the opportunity in a non-pressure atmosphere to ask questions and treat the session as a photography lesson experience.  Afterward, we’ll come back and do a quick edit session to a few images and I can see the workflow process of post production.

Since we are saving up money for the adoption, I don’t have money set aside for workshops which tend to be in big cities other than ones close to me… If I won this, I would be able to improve my photography and be mentored by a talented photographer with a business of her own.  I’m not going to worry about the logistics of air travel or cost of hotel right now because there is no guarantee I will win.  I figure that if God wants me to have this mentorship experience the details of travel will be miniscule.  For now I can only share with you this possibility and wait and see what may come of it 🙂

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