Final Homestudy Visit…

13 Feb

We had our final homestudy visit in our home last night.  We still have some paperwork left to do but for the most part we have finished it.  Now, we need to finish the rough draft of our profile narrative so we can move towards creating the actual profile (which incorporates the narrative and photos).  We have to choose which agencies to whom we are applying before the homestudy can be finalized.  This is a pretty easy step for us because we already have a list of agencies from our consultant which I’ve looked over. 

Here are some photos from one of our many snow days )One was back in January when Colin first tasted hot chocolate).    We have many sweet days with Colin!  He has grown in so many ways since this time last year.  We continue to encourage attachment to us (this is not IMG_4809a overnight thing for adoptive parents) and we continue to teach him about emotions and how to safely express them.  He is also learning more about family love–that we are going to love him no matter what and that we are going to keep on loving him forever. I make a point of looking him in the eyes (and making him maintain eye contact) while I say, “I love you FOREVER…No matter what!”


Colin no longer qualifies for the preschool intervention program in our state due to his growth in language we work with him on his vocabulary and language skills.  He has a friend who comes over for preschool activities once a week and he has playdates, playgroups and library story time to keep him busy.  I do other preschool lessons/activities with him throughout the week but we are not on as much as a schedule as I’d like. 

IMG_4138 I will try to update this blog more regularly now on our next adoption’s progress, as well as our family life. 

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One Response to “Final Homestudy Visit…”

  1. kasdaniels March 3, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    First of all, your son is just the cutest thing! I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog and reading all about how he came into your family. I do have a question though… my husband and I are in the process of adopting domestically and we have our first interview set up for next week. What can we expect from the interviews and even the home study? Could you offer any insight into this process… I just want to feel a little bit prepared 😉

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