The Story of Christmas retold by Gwen Ellis

13 Jan

The Story of Christmas retold by Gwen Ellis covers the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth. She starts the book with Zechariah and Elizabeth’s discovery of their pregnancy and the birth of their son, John. The stories that follow describe how Mary and Joseph each react to the news that Mary is going to be the mother of God’s son, Jesus. The rest of the book covers Jesus’ birth and the accounts of the shepherds and later the wise men visiting Jesus. Gwen wraps up the book with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus returning to Nazareth after their exile in Egypt.

This book was a great tool in teaching my 2 ½ year old son about Jesus’ birth and the events surrounding His birth. My son benefited from having illustrations and the DVD to help him better understand the events. I appreciate that the book stays true to the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth. Gwen Ellis provides a Biblically based rendering of the Christmas story without using complicated language. The book has 10 “chapters.” By breaking the story into ten short sections, children are able to better digest the story. I like the questions provided at the end of each section. The questions can be used to help facilitate discussions between the parent and child. My only complaint? As a parent, I wish that illustrator Steve Smallman had made the illustrations a little less cartoonish and more realistic.

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