Christmas Eve Over a Year Ago…

13 Jan

We were flying over North America and almost to Atlanta, Georgia where we’d narrowly avoid missing our flight due to delays in the Immigration Processing area of the airport.   Thanks to weather delays and Colin being the first child processed by the U.S. Immigration employee, we were able to make our flight to Louisville.  How thankful we were to be at home this year and not in a busy airport after 12 plus hours in a plane (though Colin was the best child on the plane). 

I find myself starting to cry as I think of how wonderful it was to enjoy Christmas  with our sweet boy this year… We were together as a family, and we celebrated the birth of our Savior.  For me, the meaning of Christmas is tied to the blessing of family and Jesus’ birth for I believe that when Jesus was born as God in flesh we were gifted with the presence of God with us and the promise of reconciliation with God our Father through faith in Jesus’ death on the cross.  IMG_3692_cropped

Photo to right: Colin blowing out candles on our birthday cake for Jesus.


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