Our First Day as a Family…

13 Dec

Flashback to our blog posting from December 14, 2008 (which describes our experience when we picked up Colin on December 13th from the baby home):

“Saturday came and we ended up finished with paperwork by 10ish in the morning.  We were told that when his birth certificate registration was complete in about 1 hour we would be going to the baby home to pick up Colin.  Our facilitator told us not to leave the hotel but to be expecting to leave in about 1 hour.  She would call us to let us know when it was time.  We sat and we sat and we sat some more.  Time seemed to stretch on and on.  Finally at about noon we were able to head back to the baby home to pick up Colin–right at his nap time.  Alan and I both were so hungry and unsure about how it was going to be when we picked up Colin right when he was used to napping. 

My backpack was full of clothes for Colin to change into and a diaper.  We also had about 6 caregiver gifts, a cake for the caregivers to share and some outfits to leave at the baby home.  When we arrived at the baby home, we headed in, expecting that we would be given Colin to dress.  Instead, the caregivers asked for Colin’s clothes and diaper so that they could get him ready.  Alan and I just stood there in the foyer while the caregivers for his groupa dressed him (they’d been postponing his nap so he’d be ready for us).  We heard him cry a little and then he was quiet.  The caregivers brought him out all dressed up in the blue snowsuit and hat which it seems like forever since I bought for him.  He immediately started crying when he saw us.   I took him but he still was upset so one of his caregivers held him and comforted him a little bit longer while we got ready to go.  It made us happy and sad at the same time to see how much his caregivers cared about Colin and how he cared for them.  The reality is that little Colin has had so many different caregivers in his short time at the baby home–different ones when he was at different ages, different ones on weekdays, different ones on weeknights, and different ones on weekends.  I’m sure there were caregivers he was more attached to than others.  But this is not an ideal way for a little boy to grow up.  He needs some stability in his life and as his mama and papa we will give him stability, constant love, grace, guidance, and support that unfortunately an orphanage is not able to totally give.

Once Colin was in the car with us, he was fine and he quickly fell asleep.  IMG_1076_resizedHe woke up once we got out of the car and entered the hotel.  When we got up to the room, he did not want to nap any more so he stayed up with us and explored the room and played with his toys.  We fed him his afternoon snack at about 4 p.m. and tried our first bottle with him.  Even though he has successfully mastered a straw sippy cup with us, he had to use the beginner type of nipple for his bottle.  We gave him formula in his bottle instead of milk and he seemed fine with it.  Did I tell you that Colin had a sippy cup of water earlier?  For dinner, he had some baby food and rice cereal and a slice of bread (as close as we could get to the usual foods he had at the baby home).  Guess what else he had?  Yes, he had more water….Can you guess where this is heading?  He had a leaky diaper later on because all the liquids had to come out…Oopsie! 

Colin has not mastered toilet training and he will not do anything so far with the little toilet we bought him at the children’s store.  Not sure how some folks have been able to continue toileting with their children from orphanages who were comparable to Colin in age.  He just does not seem willing to try it.  He doesn’t like it that much when we change his diapers.  He especially did not like it when we had to clean him up from a really awful diaper he filled this morning (Sunday morning).  What a way to initiate Papa into changing poopy diapers! 

He seems to be teething and maybe even has a cold on top of it…not sure.  He definitely is snotty and we have had to aspirate his nose some to help unclog it.  We have tried to get IMG_1079_cropped him interested in pacifiers instead of his poor calloused thumb.  He is using them some but still prefers his thumb when going to sleep.

Speaking of sleep, we did successfully get him to sleep last night and carefully transitioned him into Papa’s arms, who placed him in his crib while Mama got ready for bed.  We could hear him stirring some in the night–touching the rails, moving around, and sucking his thumb some.  Colin has his bear that we left on the first trip and he seems to like it.  Right at this moment (1:30 p.m. on Sunday) Colin is asleep on our bed with his Mishka.  He usually goes to sleep at 12:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Papa and Mama are just hoping for him to sleep at least 1-2 hours.  He has been asleep about 45 minutes so far.

He has enjoyed playing with Papa but still favors Mama holding him.  Papa is feeding him to help with attachment.  Mama is hoping to practice using one of our baby carriers with him today or tomorrow since she is still the primary carrier!  He will walk some and today he has enjoyed hearing the squeaking sound  his new shoes make when he walks.  One of his favorite new games is flicking water from his   sippy cup straw, especially at Papa.”


One Response to “Our First Day as a Family…”

  1. Kara December 16, 2009 at 11:55 pm #

    I love that picture of Colin at the orphanage. How good it is to remind ourselves of where our kiddos came from. While not ideal, and we’d wish for all children to have parents – the caregivers loved our children best they could, they had a clean place to live, good food to eat, warm beds. I am thankful for those necessities. And when I see pictures like these it just reminds me of those humble beginnings, much like Christs’. Merry Christmas Brandt Family!

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