Flashback to 12/10/08

12 Dec

“Today(12/10/08), we didn’t leave for the baby home until 3.  It took longer than our usual 30 minutes to get there due to slow traffic.  The snow has made the roads worse and there are so many people on the roads.   Once we got to the baby home, a caregiver and Colin got ready to ride in the mini-van with us to get Colin’s passport photo made.  Colin was all warm in his snow suit, snow boots and hat.  He sat in my lap and the caregiver sat behind us so it was just us comforting him during the car ride.  I had a disposable bib and a gallon-size ziploc bag ready just in case he was one of the children who gets carsick.  We were able to pull down the shades on the side windows and direct him to keep looking forward at all the cars.  He held on to Alan’s hand on one side and my hand on the other.  We know he must have been scared but he didn’t cry.  He kept looking out the front window and sat so quietly.  He even yawned a couple of times.  Once we got to the photography studio, we  expected a similar set-up to how we get passport photos.  The caregiver took off his snow garb and then our facilitator helped to set him up in front of the camera.  They placed him in a little highchair.  This is where the photography session got kind of weird for Alan and me.  The photographer starts working on his camera, which was very simple and -for want of a more polite term- primitive. It was very old, and was a simple wooden box with accordion adjustable lens. The photographer flipped up the backside of the camera to slide the film in. After he closed the camera lid, an assistant caught Colin’s attention with a small Disney squeak toy (Pluto) and the photographer clicked the shutter. Colin was a bit disconcerted by the flashes, but like the whole trip, he soldiered on with quiet reserve.

After we returned to the baby home, Colin went back in to get out of his outerwear.  Then, our facilitator brought him upstairs to the playroom where Alan and I were told to wait.  A caregiver also brought in his roll and warm milk (which he’d missed earlier due to our trip to the photography studio).  He sat on Alan’ lap and ate his bun.  Alan helped him with his milk.  Colin had us move him to my lap for the last bit of his snack.  With a full tummy, he was ready to play.  He wanted to play with a pull toy which had stacking blocks that fit onto it.  Alan and he played with this toy for quite a while.  Then, Alan helped Colin to play with a toy airplane.  Alan would make a “swoosh” sound as he moved the airplane through the air.  Colin started to try to make the same sound while playing with the airplane.  He also played with his barn toy again and looked at his book about meeting us.  When it was time to go, he walked down the stairs with our facilitator.  Today was our best visit so far this week which helps to make up for the fact that our car ride back to the hotel took almost 2 hours instead the usual 30 minutes.”


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