Flashback to Dec. 3, 2008

3 Dec

More excerpts from this time last year…Colin again has a snotty nose but this time I get to love on him all day long and not just for an afternoon visit.  Now he is no longer leery of his Papa; he loves receiving and giving affection from both of us.  He enjoys kicking and throwing balls and is very active just as we suspected he might be once given the freedom to play and the security of our love.

“Once at the baby home, we were put in a little room by ourselves with a still-sleepy Colin who’d just woken from his nap.  He acted like he didn’t feel good again.  We fed him some cheerios and tried to interest him in bubbles.  He was all snuggly and snotty nosed so we  think he has a cold.  At 4:00 a caregiver brought in his snack, a big yummy looking roll with a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top, and a warm glass of milk.  We sat him in his little chair and let him start to work on his roll.  We had to tell him to “stoy” or “stop” a few times to make sure he wasn’t eating too quickly.  We caught glimpses of his teeth.  He now has 8 and most of them seem to be on the bottom.  After he finished his roll, Alan helped him a little with his mug of milk but Colin did pretty well by himself.  Once he is with us full-time, we will be feeding him and giving him his drinks but this is all comforting for him right now so we don’t want to change anythiIMG_1025ng from his routine in the baby home.

He rested some in my arms and we thought he might even have a little fever.  It was very noisy next door where all the other children in his groupa were playing.  He’d sometimes raise his head from resting to listen to them.  When they’d brought him in, they’d acted like they wanted to give us his blankie but the caregiver didn’t seem to know which one was his (which makes us think he doesn’t get to keep his blankie with him in his crib/bed).  Colin seemed to like holding his little blankie when he was with us today.  He sucked his thumb so much.  It is sad for us to see how calloused his left thumb is but it is his way of self-soothing and we can’t do anything about it right now.  We hope to ease him off it with a pacifier and help him to learn that we are going to be available to comfort him when he is uncomfortable or afraid…

Colin really liked sitting in my lap and watching Alan play with the stacking cups.  Alan got him very interested in the cups and Colin played with them from the safety of my lap.  Colin also enjoyed watching Alan play with the toy ball.  He would throw it back and forth with Alan.  His little feet looked ready to kick so we helped him as best we could to try to kick the ball (he refused to stand up).  He was able to kick it from his safe seat and he really seemed to enjoy this.  Maybe we have a little soccer player in the making.”




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