Flashback to One Year Ago…

1 Dec

Excerpts from our post one year ago:

December 1, 2008

“We went to the baby home around 9:45 or 10:00. The trip took longer than last time due to icy, snow packed roads.  We did have to slip booties on for the baby home this time (once we were in the main part of the baby home, we put on our house shoes we’d brought with us). Our sweet Colin was hesitant with us.  He had a snotty nose today so we don’t know that he felt well.  We also aren’t really sure that the caregivers have showed him his books with our photos in them(I forgot to share here that he did cling to my necklace which I was wearing on trip one and again on our first visit on trip two.  He still loves my necklace to this day so we think he associated me with it).  It has been almost 5 months since he last saw us so we weren’t expecting him to remember us that well anyway.  We tried to play with him but he wasn’t very interested.  He was interested in cheerios and sort of interested in his stacking cups.  He eventually just snuggled into me and fell asleep.  As he relaxed into sleep he stopped sucking his thumb, which he likes to do when he is upset.  His poor little thumb looks like he’s sucked on it enough to form a callous. I rocked him and rubbed his back as he settled deeper into sleep.  His breathing was a little heavy which made me think his nosy may be stuffy.  It was surreal to have him back in our arms–our precious boy whom we have missed and for whom we have prayed.”

The photo we couldn’t share on our blog one year ago: IMG_1007_resized

(After playing with us, we took him to the main room for lunch with his groupa.)

“Colin sat in his little chair at a table with about 4 other children.  They brought out pieces of IMG_1010_cropped bread and the children chewed on that first.  Then, they brought out a soup which each child fed him/herself with an adult sized spoon.  The bowl was not made of plastic, mind you; it IMG_1012_croppedwas made of ceramic or something similar.  Next, the children were given a minced up meat mixed with rice.  They ate this and then were given little glasses of beverages to drink.  Colin successfully drank by himself.  Alan and I watched with amazement at how well Colin fed himself.  We know that we may have to stop some of this temporarily once he is with us to help facilitate attachment.  

One of the caregivers confirmed for us that Colin has added 2 new teeth since we last saw him.  Colin was so patient with her while she counted his teeth.  He really did not feel any bigger to me so we think we should have gone with our gut and brought 12 month clothing and 18 month clothing.  The family of the other little boy said they were concerned that 12 month clothing might be too big on the boys.  As we left Colin was heading off to his potty time with others in his groupa–he looked eager to go to the potty.  He was trying to push on the big door leading into that room.”

Looking back at this post, I see that maybe Colin wasn’t so eager to go to the potty based on our experiences with him.  He really was in 9-12 month clothing.  He wore 12 month pants all winter and some 12 month shirts.  He is now wearing 18 and some 24 month pants along with mostly 24 month shirts and a few 18 month shirts that still fit.  He has grown so much!



One Response to “Flashback to One Year Ago…”

  1. jeanette dini December 2, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    hi Heather…thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog. I will keep in touch with our AWAA group! It means so much to keep in touch with others who’ve adopted especially the families who adopted out of Krasnoyarsk – we will always have a special bond. Looking back at where you were 1 year ago to now has to feel so wonderful to you…i believe i read you are going to adopt again! Wow, how exciting..2nd time around has to be easier i imagine. We would like to contribute towards your adoption fund…can you e-mail me your address. Thanks- treesjd@yahoo.com

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