Countdown to Thanksgiving

23 Nov


I had to make a Thanksgiving countdown calendar last week because Colin is so excited about his first Thanksgiving!  He says he wants to eat turkey and apple pie.  Yummy!  He says he is “all ready to go” to Grandma and Grandpa Bain’s house every day.  He pretend-talks to them on the phone daily, too.

Wednesday night I prayed with Colin  at bed time because he said he is afraid of bees, his cars and trucks and his parking garage…He is very reluctant to go to sleep so I was willing to pray about anything he said scared him…This happened more than once last week.

This morning, Colin was grump and sensitive so I asked him if he is mad at any one (thinking he might be mad at Papa for returning to work).  He said one word in response to my question, “Marta.”  I asked him a series of questions: if this was someone in Russia…if she left him…if he misses her…Now, I don’t know if it is really true that he is remembering a caregiver from the orphanage, but I do know that I’ve never talked about anyone named “Marta” before.  Based on my readings in adoptive parenting books and talk with other parents, I do know it is common for children to grieve the loss of their caregivers–even as late as one or more years after being adopted.  We will continue to pray for our sweet boy to know God’s comfort and healing in his life.

In the past two weeks, when Colin has been asked his name, he has answered the question using the diminutive of his Russian name.  This was new and interesting to us.  We have never stopped using his diminutive.  Most of the time, we call him “Colin.”  The rest of the time we call him “Colin” followed by the diminutive of his name.  Only 2-3 times a day maximum do we call him by his diminutive alone.  We don’t want him to forget his other name (we kept the grown-up version of it as his middle name) so this doesn’t bother us that he’s identified himself this way.  It just strikes us as interesting that it has happened more consistently in the past couple of weeks.

We had photos made yesterday in a field just outside of Shelbyville, Kentucky.  Colin was fascinated with the left-over kernels of corn and corn cobs in the field.  He made it an interesting photo shoot for sure!  Hopefully, some of the photos of us as a family as well as ones of our little 31-month-old will turn out well.

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