A Little Bit Multi-Lingual…

12 Nov

IMG_3274_changed contrasts_color

Colin loves his Usborne book, First 1000 Words in Russian (FYI–You can purchase this book through me to help us as we save money for our next adoption). Alan is the one who gets asked to read it weekly, but he was hoarse the other night from his cold.  When I read some of the book to Colin, I asked him to identify some things in Russian.  For example, I asked him if he could point to the sabahka.  He immediately pointed to a dog.  I asked him, “What does sabahka mean?”  He said, “doggie.”  He identified a few other things I asked him about in Russian.  Alan was surprised because he says he has not been reading the Russian words in the book.  While Colin definitely cannot speak a full sentence in Russian, he apparently still knows some Russian vocabulary besides the few Russian words/phrases that we still occasionally use.

Colin also continues to use sign language some.  His interest in learning signs has gone beyond our knowledge (and our Signing Time DVDs) so we need to learn more signs to teach him and expand our Signing Time collection.  Colin usually attempts to say the word out loud while doing the sign.

Colin is also battling a cold.  We’re hoping that it will be all gone by the weekend so we can enjoy lots of walks and go to church.

This is the anniversary of finding out our travel dates for our second trip to Russia.  Last year, we were all in a tizzy making reservations and packing and cleaning.  How wonderful to, instead, be loving on our sweet Colin and wiping his runny nose!  We thank God for how wonderfully He brought us together as a family and for how He continues to help us grow closer.



One Response to “A Little Bit Multi-Lingual…”

  1. Nicole November 15, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    Great picture! That’s amazing he still knows some Russian….smart little guy;) I’m always wondering how much or how long they will remember things of their past when so young. Has it almost been a year? Wow! I get teary eyed everytime I think of the upcoming holidays and that we get to celebrate with our boys. PTL!

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