This Little Piggy…

6 Nov


went trick or treating for the first time ever last Saturday night.  He was a little scared of a few of the costumes he saw on kids(and adults) in our neighborhood.  He also did not want to wear a pig nose.  Otherwise, he loved the concept of going to say “hi” to the neighbors and being given candy.

When we first started talking to him about Halloween, we tried to ask him what he wanted to dress like.  His initial answer was “clock.”  After several weeks, he answered the question with “piggy.”  We tried to model his pig on one of the three little pigs thus the overalls. Maybe Mama made his ears a little too long ’cause he did get mistaken a couple of times for a bunny rabbit.  Oh well!  He was a cute little piggy to us 🙂

He loved working on his jack o’lantern Friday night and getting to turn it on at night.  He also found the roasted pumpkin seeds to be extra yummy treats.  We used a dry erase marker to draw our face on the pumpkin before cutting it out (since it wipes off easily) and we used an ice cream scoop to remove the seeds and extra pumpkin gunk.




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