25 Sep

“Take good care of him.   He’s precious…”  I wish I could remember the exact words Colin’s Grandpa Brandt said to me a couple of visits ago.  I know that he dearly loved each of his grandchildren and it brought me such joy to see him enjoy getting to know his youngest grandchild during the past several months.

“Next time we’ll help more with him.”  Our visit in July is when he told me this and I remember being puzzled by his words since we felt like he did help us simply by loving and enjoying time with Colin.

It was heartbreaking on Monday afternoon, over a week ago, when Colin ran to the medical scales where his Grandpa always checked his weight and there was no Grandpa to see how he’d grown…We couldn’t explain to him that his Grandpa had passed away that morning and wouldn’t be around to watch him grow any bigger.  There was a hole in our family and even a two-year-old could sense something was never going to be same about his visits to Illinois.

This has been a bittersweet year so far–a year of “goodbyes” intermingled with “hellos.”  We had the wonderful experiences of introducing Colin to his extended family this year and watching as he grew to love each special person.  We had the sadness of saying “goodbye” to Granddaddy (whom Colin still plays the piano for as he looks at the picture frame of his Granny and Granddaddy) who had just met Colin…We faced the grief of losing another grandfather and father–Grandpa Brandt–just six months later. 

Without our faith and hope that this life is not the end and that through faith in Jesus Christ we have a better life awaiting us, these losses would be unbearable. 

We are thankful for memories of our loved ones and for how hard they worked to take care of our families through the years…They both could be stubborn and unbending but these qualities helped to make them the strong individuals that they were.  And they both were fiercely proud of their families and loved us dearly…I know that even though they didn’t always show their feelings face-to-face to their loved ones but often bragged about us to neighbors and friends.  I’ve been blessed to see how dedicated and in love they each were with their wives. 

I’ll leave off today with a photo of Colin with his Grandpa Brandt from earlier in the year.  We are very thankful we took photos and videoed this very special story moment with Colin and his Grandpa.



One Response to “Grandpa”

  1. Amanda McCaleb September 26, 2009 at 12:57 pm #

    That’s a really beautiful picture of Colin with his grandpa. I’m glad both grandparents were able to meet and enjoy their grandson. What a wonderful gift for Colin and you! I only knew one of my grandparents at a very young age. I felt like I really knew him though he died when I was very young. I felt terribly the loss of never knowing my other grandparents. There is some inexplicable value to a child of having even a short span of time with a grandparent, even at such a young age. I’m sure Colin will treasure these photos and videos as he grows older.

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