Words from Colin May 13th-August 30th, 2009

31 Aug

Our first set of words we shared was about 130 so these are in addition to those.  I guess that means Colin can say about 230-250 words right now.  He is doing better with saying two word sentences consistently so we will continue to encourage that and, when possible, start to encourage more three word sentences.  He continues to see a therapist once a week for his language and cognitive development and she is pleased with his progress (as are we).  He is now doing simple puzzles with interlocking pieces (without pegs).  He still astounds us with his strength and agility.

1. chair (needs reinforcement with it).

2. “bye-bye” now includes the “b” sound (as of May 13th)

3.  doctor (needs reinforcement with it).

4.  seed

5.  purple

6. arm

7.  straw

8.  outside

9.  vacuum (needs more work on this) IMG_1445

10.  square (needs reinforcement)

11. truck

12.  honey

13. paint

14. white (not a strong “w” at the beginning yet)

15. ring (needs better comprehension of it).

16. again (needs more work with it).

17. cup IMG_2278

18. man

19.  bone (needs to be reinforced).

20.  treat

21. green

22. red

23. purple

24. orange (which is pretty much “o” right now but Colin can correctly identify orange items and chooses orange juice to drink sometimes).

25. plate

26.  plane

27. drive (sounds like swa sometimes)

28. close/closed

29. clothes

30. dip

31. bump

32. “big clouds”–he said this while pointing to the clouds in the sky the afternoon of July 1st.

33. jump

34. drop

35. moon

36. zebra

37. grow

38. dig

39. gar (bage) (needs reinforcement).

40. “where did it go?” (needs more reinforcement with this)

41. cloud

42. rain

43. people

44. read

45. draw

46. blow

47. loud (needs reinforcement with this and work on comprehension)

48. stinky (needs reinforcement with this)

49. hide

50. chip

51. knock knock

52. sign

53. lap

54. hold

55. hand

56. sing

57. church

58.  pig

59. top

60. grape

61. glasses (he actually just say “glass” right now to mean “glasses”)IMG_2683

62.  clip

63. big

64. tall

65. mud

66. fly (mostly using it to refer to insects.  Needs work on “f” sound)

67.  flag (needs work on “f” sound).

68. raisin (which he now says as “rai”)

69. sun

70. glue

71. bird

72. potty

73. leg

74. share

75. table

76.  lap

77. kick

78. drum

79. cut

80. stomp

81. clean (needs work but he does try to say it consistently).

82.  time

83. sink

84.  butterfly (has some trouble with getting this out).

85. “Bible Land”–the children’s play area at church.

86.  “Baby Sign Time”–He leaves off the “ing” from “Signing.”

87. number

88.  “uh oh!  Traffic jam!”– from a favorite story in Babybug magazine.

89. same

90. all right!

91. animal

92. hammer

93.  kitchen

94. hair cut IMG_1870

95. machine

96. strawberry


98. couch

99. paper towel

100. peach

101. animal

102.  rainbow

103. count

104. one

105. two

106. three

107.  four (He can’t make “F” sound yet).

108.  five (He can’t make “F” sound yet).

109. thumb

110. beeIMG_2505

111.  good night (not just “night night” any more).

112. salad

113. sleeping (“Are you sleeping…” in the song, “Frere Jacques”)IMG_1741

114. tricycle


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