We Interrupt this Posting…

4 Aug

Please forgive me for interrupting our usual descriptions of life with Colin and our future plans for adopting another child to share the following info. One way that we continue to Grandpa Colin and Mama on Swing save money for our future adoption is through Arbonne skin care, wellness, and beauty products.  Arbonne is currently running an AWESOME deal:

Through August 10th, the sign-up fee is waived for all Preferred Clients who place an initial order of at least $150 Personal Retail Volume (PRV) (that means with the 20% discount Preferred Clients get the cost of product would be $120!).

You’d receive the Preferred Client Starter Kit and become a part of Arbonne at no cost!  You’d also get 1 FREE product of your choice (up to $100 in value). 

That means you would pay $120 for up to $250 value of products and be able to enjoy a 20% discount off products all year long!

Each August following your first year as a Preferred Client, you’d simply pay $15 and continue to enjoy your 20% discount off Arbonne products all year long!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need Arbonne product recommendations.  If you buy products or sign up, please use my consultant id# 16512050.

We now resume our normal blog programming…lauging with papa

Here’s a photo of Colin laughing while sitting on Papa’s lap…

Thanks for stopping by,



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