Colin’s First Brandt Reunion

30 Jul

We went to Colin’s first Brandt reunion/picnic over the weekend.  Colin had all but one of his cousins to dote over him and literally follow him around during our time at the farm and at the park.  Please understand that his cousins are all teenagers or young adults.  While Colin is a mere 34 inches in height, he is very commanding in presence and was the center of attention most of the weekend.  As one of the cousins said, “This is the most exciting reunion we’ve had in years.”  (okay, Laura, I am paraphrasing you!)  Colin was the youngest at the reunion so he received a prize of a gift card to Barnes & Noble. (His poor cousin Paul won the prize for several years in a row and kept getting the same prize, baby spoons.)

Colin enjoyed his time in Illinois soooo much that he didn’t want Sunday to end so he fought us tooth and nails when we tried to get him to go to sleep.  He finally gave in and went to sleep when we turned out the lights and decided to go to sleep, too.


Colin with 5 cousins in tow…








To the left below–Colin out in the Illinois prairie grass with cousin, Kathryn.

Colin and Kathryn 2










Colin can smell the flowers

Colin smelling the hollyhocks and any other flowers he found on the farm.





Colin apparently has no allergies to the grasses of Illinois in the fieldbecause we had a hive-free weekend.  He rolled in grasses whenever he could just to make sure…











To the left, Colin and his cousin Paul, who is the closest to Colin in age of any of the cousins…and he is a sophomore in high school!  Colin also enjoyed playing with his only other male cousin in the family, Aric. 

Playing with Aric 

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One Response to “Colin’s First Brandt Reunion”

  1. Kari "Momma Snail" July 30, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    Thanks, Heather for visiting The Snail’s Trail. I love your story and your family is just precious!

    The Itty Bitty Curriculum IS expensive. Honestly, I have cut out over half of the content because it is written for pre-k center directors and teachers…parent newsletters…stuff like how to do circle time…name games…that kind of thing.I am going to suggest to the owner of the company to make a homeschoolers version because we homeschoolers are cutting out most of the content just to get to the “usable activities.”

    I think that if you follow my blog, and these two blogs:

    You can find all of the activities from the curriculum and do them with Colin.

    All of the reviews you have read are spot on…it’s an awesome curriculum because it is based on best practices and each unit/theme is based on a book.

    I agree with you about not sending our kids to public school after teaching in one. For my Ph.D., I am looking into the relationship between former teachers who homeschool their kids and their choice of homeschool method. I am finding that a huge amount of unschoolers used to be teachers. And most everyone who visits my blog are homeschoolers that taught in the public school system. It’s really interesting, isn’t it?

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