Adopting Again?

29 Jul

Note:  I’ve debated even publishing the following posting but my husband thinks we should publish it because it captures our current thoughts and maybe will be something to which others can relate or from which they can learn.

We have received a portion of the adoption tax credit for which we qualified this year and (unless Congress reduces the adoption tax credit) will be able to qualify for the remainder of the adoption tax credit during the next few years.  This adoption tax credit is based on the expenses we paid out of pocket for Colin’s adoption.

We hope to save the tax credit amount we received this year for the upcoming expenses associated with adopting again.  Based on recommendations of agencies and our own calculations, we lack a minimum of $4000(in addition to the tax credit for 2008) before we can even begin the adoption paperwork/process again (as of 7/23/09.  This amount just includes the costs of beginning the adoption process, not travel costs and other fees associated with completing the process).  Whoah… This doesn’t seem like an incredible amount of money compared to the overall costs of adoption.  However, with Heather not working outside of the home right now, it is still intimidating to know we lack at least $4000 before we can even start the process.  When we started our adoption journey to Colin back in 2007, it was not necessary to have this much set aside at the beginning of the process.  It would have been terrific to have had more money saved at that point but it just didn’t happen.  I suspect that some adoption agencies have different standards nowadays for how much families have saved before they accept families into their adoption programs.  Perhaps it is due to the shaky economy…I don’t know for sure.  And it does make sense that we should have as much as possible saved before we begin the adoption process again BUT are we ever going to be 100% financially ready for the expenses of adopting?  And where does faith intersect with our finances?  God was faithful to provide what we lacked (through a combination of saving, fundraising, donations, grant, and loans) during Colin’s adoption. 

I remember talking about God having plenty of room for miracles during the process of adopting Colin.  It was so true!  The financial demands of adopting when you are a middle class family are humongous!  Now, with only one full-time salary that we depend on…well, that makes the financial hurdles of adopting even more challenging…It would be great if I could find some work as a tutor or build my Arbonne or Usborne business but not sure what will pan out…

So what do Alan and I do?  Do we postpone adopting again indefinitely?  Do we let the financial challenges of adopting defeat us and never take that first step of faith?  Do we take that first step of faith and trust the “how” to God? Do we dare put limits on God and what He can do to accomplish His will in our family?

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2 Responses to “Adopting Again?”

  1. Nicole July 31, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    We will be praying for you as you make this big decision. For the Lords wisdom, peace, and opened doors of opportunity:)

  2. beBOLDjen August 2, 2009 at 11:59 pm #

    I completely understand what you are wrestling with. May God grant you wisdom and faith for the journey!

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