Our Third Visit–A Year Ago…

12 Jul


A year ago today, we said “Paca, Paca” to our sweet boy we were just getting to know.  We had enjoyed a wonderful walk outside.  Colin really loved the outdoors.  When we were leaving him, we thought the video camera was on but it was off so we have no footage of him waving to us then.  I will never forget kissing his sweet hands and seeing that last glimpse of him smiling happily in his caregiver’s arms.  It helped to remember him that way during the almost 5 months that passed before we were allowed to return to him.  I didn’t really cry leaving him until we got on the plane to leave for Moscow.  It was so hard not knowing how long it would be before we could finalize the adoption.

We are so thankful to be on the other side of that wait–home enjoying the blessing of our son, Colin!



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