Cabin Fun

13 Jun

We three met up with Uncle Jamey and Aunt Marcia in Nashville, Indiana for the first weekend of June.  Alan and Jamey were excited about attending a Uke festival.  I was excited about our first family vacation (of sorts).  In case you don’t know as our reader, Alan is a little….shall we say….obsessed with ukes.

Here is Colin being chased by his uncle and the vacuum (Colin loves vacuum cleaners and is always near them when they are being used!)IMG_5560_cropped

Colin enjoys eating lemons and entertaining us while he does.  Here’s a photo of Colin eating one while we waited for our food at a restaurant in Nashville, Indiana.

IMG_5564 Colin enjoyed sitting on an old tractor at the site of the Ukulele World Congress.  


Other adventures for Colin while on the trip included getting up close to a police car and Papa buying a toy police car for him, eating strawberry ice cream, having a picnic, and spending lots of time with his Aunt Marcia and Uncle Jamey.

Colin does pretty well with telling the difference between his uncle and his papa but every once in awhile has moments of confusion. 

Here’s a photo to show you why Colin might get a little confused:

 Alan & Jamey at UWC June 2009 Brown Co Indiana_croped

Colin had two weekends in a row where he was out of town and around relatives.  We feel like he did well though his nap and bed time schedule was off. He is a rough and tumble sort of boy and he loves playing outside.  At Uncle Jamey’s birthday celebration the previous weekend, he entertained the family by playing with a big red ball, opening and closing the patio door, and throwing bean bags (and himself) down. Speaking of Alan’s family, Alan’s mother is still considering starting radiation treatments.  She had a lot of complications following a chemo treatment that has delayed her radiation.  She seems to be feeling better and is in good spirits.  We ask that you continue to pray for her health.

I’m all played out from rambling through this posting on our two Brandt family weekends so I leave you with a photo of Colin lying on the grass giggling while he recovered from playing with a ball.  I’m “All done!”


One Response to “Cabin Fun”

  1. Clint June 15, 2009 at 9:59 am #

    I can barely tell them apart myself!!! Happy Anniversay Heather and Alan!! I think I am right that it was yesterday??? Love you all and hope to see you soon!!!

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