26 May

Colin was 24.5 pounds last week (with clothes on at the Vet Clinic) so hopefully that indicates he has gained a little weight since his 2 year old check up in April.  He will be due for a couple more vaccinations in June, and I admit I am wanting to postpone the MMR one a little bit longer.  I’d like him to weigh more before he has it. And I am irritated that the manufacturer of this particular vaccine no longer produces it as separate vaccines, only the combination.  I am not against vaccinations; I am very much for vaccinations.  However, I do not like the idea of giving children a huge number of shots at one time and I do not want to overload Colin’s body with aluminum and other nasty things which are often in vaccinations.

We thought that Colin was trying to cut his two- year molars, but we see no evidence of puffy gums or a tooth.  He has been a bit more finicky about food lately. We are praying he will return to his previous less-picky state soon!

A couple of weeks ago, Colin finger-painted for the first time.  IMG_2324

Colin also visited his family in TN a couple of weeks ago (think I mentioned that in previous posting). En route to TN he was an excellent traveler (as usual).  We are blessed to have a child with a growing imagination and creativity.  He amused himself with his new travel magna doodle, books, babbling, singing, toy cell phone, toy giraffe and toy dog, and blanket. 

While in TN, he ate pretty well for his grandparents.  He enjoyed chasing my parents’ wire haired fox terrier, taking walks, bumping his head (He didn’t enjoy this but he did have some little accidents while there), reading books, giggling (especially when his Granny talked to him), riding in Mamaw’s wheelchair (his 100 year old great-grandmother who he loves to visit), eating bah-bah (short for bablachka) made by his Grandma Bain, praying with his family at meal time, mowing with his new pretend mower, and looking for Miss Kitty with his Grandpa Bain.

This coming weekend, we are visiting Alan’s family in Illinois so it will be a busy time for Colin.  We can’t figure out what to do about the playground/fortress set in the backyard of Alan’s parents’ house.  It was erected in the 1990s for the grandchildren.  Now, the wood is all splintery.  It will be hard to keep Colin off of it but we don’t know what else we can do this trip.  Last trip, he got several splinters in his hands and it was an ordeal getting him to let me remove them.

Colin used a glue stick for the first time today.  He glued squares on paper.  He now is trying to say “glue.”  The other stick he used today was a stick of his Papa’s deodorant.  I caught him putting it on his belly this morning!

We continue to trust God with our finances and pray that if God wants me to teach outside of the home He will make it clear and provide the right job.  As of now, I don’t have a teaching job for next year (This makes 4 years since I received my Masters of Art in Teaching).  Honestly, I have “let go” and don’t worry about it any more.  I have not stopped teaching; I just have a different sort of pupil right now and he is like none other I’ve ever had!  Preschoolers are tough and I’m learning a lot as I teach him on a daily basis.



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