A Family Photo and Update…

17 May

Here is a photo of Alan, Colin and me together while visiting in Tennessee this weekend.  Thanks to Alan’s sister, Caroline, for bravely trying to photograph us with our wiggly tired sweetie!


Please ignore the fact that I am wearing my old glasses because I still haven’t been able to get my glasses repaired that were broken by a certain toddler while were were in Moscow (I’m hoping the shop where I bought them will be able to repair them because I am so tired of these old ones!).

We enjoyed visiting Grandma and Grandpa Bain and my grandmothers, as well as Aunt Caroline and Colin’s cousins, Mary and Kathryn.  I’ll try to share some other photos this week.

Colin’s Language Update:

Colin finally started saying “Bye-Bye” instead of “Dye Dye!”  It suddenly happened on Wednesday of this week and Colin seems so proud to be saying it correctly.  He is saying it all the time.  He is also saying “Hel-wo.”  He was so cute playing with phones this weekend as he repeatedly said “Hel-wo” and “Bye.”  He even tried to get our dog to pretend-talk on the phone like him. 

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One Response to “A Family Photo and Update…”

  1. Kristine May 20, 2009 at 5:35 pm #

    Great photo! colin is such a cutie and glad to hear that his speech is so good too. That is really great. Talk to you soon I am sure!


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