And Now Some Words from Colin…

10 May

Colin is still building his comprehension of the English language.  He seems to understand more than he can say.  He is capable of following simple commands.  He babbles a lot, and it is often phrased exactly like sentences.  His expressive language still has room to grow.  While he can say and use the words in the following list, he still is reluctant sometimes to “use his words,”  and he is not speaking frequently in two or three word sentences. We prompt him to “use his words,” talk to him, read lots of books to him, sing songs, let him practice blowing whistles, bubbles and straws, use flashcards, and watch Baby Signing Time DVDs and Your Baby Can Read DVDs to help improve his vocabulary and his articulation. (See this web site for tips on helping kids learn talk  Colin continues to work with his developmental specialist each Monday for one hour (through our state’s preschool intervention program).  She is pleased with his progress so far.   Some of Colin’s words he can say perfectly and some imperfectly.  Some of these words I’ve mentioned before but we are trying to figure out how many total words he is currently saying:

  1. star (this is a BIG deal word that he started saying on a Friday in early March.  He had been calling stars “ba ba” after the song “Ba Ba Black Sheep”  because he knows that song has the same music as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”  Random, I know…
  2. Carl (as in Good Dog, Carl book series).  It sounds so cute when he says this because his r is rolled a little and you can hear his Russian accent. 
  3. car (I may have shared this one before).  IMG_2026
  4. bubble
  5. no
  6. yes
  7. water
  8. Mama
  9. Papa
  10. dog
  11. banana (again, I can’t remember if I’ve shared this one.  He is still just saying “nana”).
  12. milk (sounds more like “mahlk”)
  13. more (sounds more like mo.’)
  14. book IMG_1501
  15. cracker
  16. nose
  17. cold
  18. hot
  19. hurt
  20. ball
  21. balloon IMG_1662
  22. tractor
  23. bath time (not the clearest.  He does the sign along with this).
  24. door
  25. corn (He isn’t saying this in May…He said it a month or 2 ago so we are reinforcing it.)
  26. apple (much stronger in April and May than previously.  It first started as sounding similar to “yapple,” which was closer to “yablahka,” Russian for apple.)
  27. bible
  28. tea
  29. block
  30. ice (he is definitely getting the “s” sound on this word).
  31. go (Go, Dog. Go! is the book that has inspired him to say this word” He loves to say “Go, Dog. Go!” and “Go, Car. Go!”
  32. ‘night, night (may have mentioned this one before).
  33. two
  34. lawn mower (which sounds like ma mowr)
  35. yellow
  36. blue
  37. amen (“may-man” or something like that when he says it).
  38. pumpkin (sounds like “puh-pah” and we need to reinforce this because he seems to not remember it as well as he did a month ago)
  39. egg (still working on clearer g ending here)
  40. blueberry
  41. oatmeal (sounds more like “moatmeal”)
  42. On 3/29, Colin said, “All gone, car” to Papa when his toy car went under his crib where he couldn’t reach it.  This is really the first time he’s verbalized a sentence as far as we know (he had signed “more crackers” before).

43-44. On 3/30, Colin said “cow,” “broke,” and “mail man.”

45-48. In early April, Colin started saying “cookie,” “back,” “bag,” and “kitty.”

49-51. In April, Colin started saying “play,” “cheese” and “oil.”  (Papa has taught him “oil” while making his eggs for breakfast.)

52.  mail box.  Colin is obsessed with the mail man.  He does not consistently say “mail box” so we are reinforcing this word.

53. light

54. dark

55. off

56. on

57. bright (we need to reinforce this one more).

58. up IMG_1921_cropped

59. down (Colin loves to go up and down stairs!  He thinks he needs to try every set of steps or staircase he sees!)

60.  eat

61. bed (we need to reinforce this more because we haven’t heard it very often).

62. barn. 

63.  He says “rock” with a different consonant at the beginning so we are starting to work on saying “rah” to help with “rock.”  He is a big fan of “Fraggle Rock” and of the actual rocks you pick up in the yard.

64. roll (He mostly uses this as a verb, like when he is rolling something on the ground).

65.  dough (He is referring to dough like when Mama makes bread).

66.  band-aid (We need to work on the d sound in this word).

68. ow

69. “Jee-Jee” (for Jesus)

70. nut (He has starting eating almonds).

71. bread (which sounds more like “blead.”  The Russian word for bread is “klehb” so I suspect this is why he has put an ‘l’ into the word.

72.  out

73. walk (which sounds more like his word for “rock” right now so we are working on the ‘w’ sound.

74. baby (he is still more likely to sign this word than say it but he has started saying it some.)

75. Elmo

76. music (We need to work more on this but he is using his version of the word often). IMG_1615

77. sleep

78.  “I’m done” (We have just started working on saying this to try to get him to use the pronoun ‘I’)

79. sit

80. box

81. dirtIMG_2201

82. sheep

83. juice (not saying the end sound very much so we need to reinforce more).

84. pickle (doesn’t have the strong ‘p’ sound it needs at beginning.  Colin loves working on this word because he loves his pickles!)

IMG_1851_cropped in tight

85. “What’s that?” (We hear this often!)

86. shoe(Colin loves shoes.  Here is showing off his new shoes while brushing his hair). IMG_2230



89. broke

90. tree

91. grass

92.  clock

93. “thank you”

94. please

95.  stop (like “Stop, Dog! Stop!”)

96. head

97.  “hi” (said with in a slow Southern style!)

89.  eye

90. knee

91. toe

92. sock

93. swing

94. ear

95. peas

96. bowl

97. toy

98. towelIMG_2109_cropped

99. carrot

100.  cake

101.  sad (just started working on emotions so we need to work more on his comprehension)

102. mad

103. broom

104. hush (learned it from “Good Night Moon”)

105. dance

106. open

107. cart (as in “grocery cart.”  We are trying to get a clearer ‘t’ sound at the end).

108. hat  IMG_1875

109. coat

110. bye-bye (which still usually sounds more like “dye-dye.”  We are still working on getting him to use a ‘b’ sound instead of ‘d’ sound in this word.  We think he says “dye-dye” as slang/derivation of “dastyevanya,” Russian for “goodbye/until the next time we meet.”

111. hello (We need to reinforce this one more since he favors saying ‘hi’).

112. home

113. ant

114. hole

115. bottle

116. guitar (He doesn’t say it quite right but we can tell what he means so we have to keep practicing it and saying it for him).

117. boat

118. comb

119. coin

120. bridge

121. zoo


Thanks for stopping by (if you made it this far on the word list),



3 Responses to “And Now Some Words from Colin…”

  1. Amanda McCaleb May 11, 2009 at 10:42 am #

    I can’t remember vocabulary much from when my girls were toddlers, but it seems like Colin is doing Very well. Good job!

  2. Kristine May 11, 2009 at 4:56 pm #

    very cute post!

  3. JennStar May 18, 2009 at 1:15 pm #

    Love the photos with some of his new words!! What a great post!

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