First Cake in U.S.!

17 Apr

This time last week we were getting packed for our trip to Grandma and Grandpa Brandts in Illinois.  We had a fun weekend introducing Colin to his Aunt Danita and Uncle Michael and his cousins, Aric and Paul (of the four, Colin can only say Paul’s name).  He also got to see his cousins, Laura and Karen, and Uncle Jamey and Aunt Marsha.  Lots of attention was lavished on Colin, particularly since the family decided to celebrate his birthday while in Illinois in addition to Easter.  Mama did lots of baking on Saturday–hot cross buns and homemade chocolate cake.  That night Colin enjoyed a piece of birthday cake and made his first attempt at blowing out candles (he did not do well with blowing…On his actual birthday, Tuesday, he successfully blew out his candles).

Enjoy the photos selected from the many taken during the weekend in Illinois!

IMG_2004      Colin loved his Jack in a box but has now found a way to “cheat” and get it to open without cranking it through a whole round of  “Pop Goes the Weasel.”


Colin & Cousin Karen looking at Pat the Bunny together.


Colin and Mama (Colin still makes an interesting face when we say “smile!”).

IMG_2045_cropped  IMG_2051_cropped

Colin decided to kiss his piece of cake!

I’ll try to post more photos later.

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One Response to “First Cake in U.S.!”

  1. Hannah April 19, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    Colin is adorable! I love how happy he looks with his Jack in the Box. Dmitry keeps asking me to see if you want to get together, he’d love to meet Colin (so would I!)

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