Prayer for a Family Waiting on their Angel…

25 Mar

Today my heart is aching for a family who I have come to know through our agency.  I am asking for prayers on behalf of a family who is adopting a little 9 year old girl from Russia.  They have been asked to return to Russia for their court date to finalize their adoption and they are still short the money they need for the adoption fee of $11,000.  They have an investment property (raw land) on Pine Island, Florida. They are trying to sell their small interest in this property or get a loan with their interest as collateral. This would help pay for their remaining expenses, but the money may not come in time. They have been told that the officials in their region of Russia will not wait long and that they stand the chance of losing their precious daughter.  They have been the process of adopting for almost 3 years and it is very disheartening for them to finally be close to bringing home their daughter only to face these obstacles.

Please pray that the other investors will consider buying them out in a timely manner. Pray that God will guide them in securing the finances they need to bring home their Angel, and pray that God will be glorified through His miraculous provision for them. 

You can read more about them and their adoption process at their blog,


One Response to “Prayer for a Family Waiting on their Angel…”

  1. Elizabeth March 26, 2009 at 11:33 pm #

    God Bless You!

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