Maslenitsa Time…

7 Mar

According to the Russian Orthodox calendar, this is the week before Lent.  In Russia, this is the week in which lots of blini are eaten.  Blini(“blini” is the plural form of “blin”) are similar to crepes.  When we were in Russia, we noticed that they were served with a variety of fillings–anything from chicken to sweet fillings.  Often, they are served with a sauce/dip.

According to an expatriate living in Moscow, this week is “supposed to be the end of winter, thus the festival’s symbol of the sun. Known as the week of blini, pancakes, people celebrate all week before the strict social and dietary restrictions (no parties and secular music/no meat, dairy, eggs — and in some families also no fish, wine or olive oil, too) that last a month until Easter.”   Her blog has some great photos and more on traditions associated with Maslenitsa, like burning an effigy called the “Kostroma.”

Other web sites with pages on Maslenitsa:

Blini recipe:


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