Prayer Request Update

10 Feb

Alan’s mother begins chemotherapy this week.  We are praying for her strength and well-being while she has chemotherapy treatments and that her diabetes will remain under control.

We are still planning on spending this weekend with my parents in Tennessee.  We are praying that Colin will not be overstimulated and that every one will be understanding when we have to keep our routines in place for him.  We may try to visit Mount Hermon on Sunday but will likely not be able to stay for long because the church service is right at his nap time. 

I will try to post a photo tomorrow of Colin and how he looked when he greeted me at the door this afternoon after I got home from teaching the reading club (I’m teaching an after school class one hour on every other Tuesday).  It is a pretty funny photo so stay tuned for laughs.  Alan recorded Colin saying “Hi” on the computer and now every time we get a new email message Colin is heard saying “Hi” in his slow Southern drawl (We know he hasn’t been South yet but his “hi” is still very Southern all the same!).  It is the funniest thing to hear him say “Hi” just like he’s been raised in Tennessee!

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