Me and My Shadow…

9 Feb

Alan and I enjoyed a wonderful walk with Colin and our dog, MacBeth, yesterday.  It was unseasonably warm–in the 60s I think.  As we made our way up a hill in our neighborhood, Colin was lagging behind me and far behind his Papa and doggie.  I looked and he walked backwards at one point and I noticed him looking down at the pavement a lot.  After more observation, I figured out he was watching his shadow and trying to figure out what it was.  I’ve heard of children doing this but had never observed a little one discovering his shadow before.  Alan and I thought of Peter Pan and how he kept losing his and had to have his sewn on (please correct me if we are remembering wrong).

Alas, our little Peter Pan WILL grow up and his shadow will as well.  He now weighs a little over 24 pounds and continues to eat well.  He is perpetually teething but it has not stopped him from eating.  We are pleased that Colin’s comprehension of English is growing, too.  He has started trying to say his name, “Colin.”  He loves looking at his name over his bed and the little star that is a part of his name. 

By the way, Colin is absolutely in love with stars.  We had no idea how many stars were incorporated in his blankets, books, and his name decal until he became a big fan of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” 

We received the results of his First Step (early intervention program in Indiana) evaluation and his gross and fine motor skills are very good.  He does qualify for a developmental specialist to come visit once a week for 60 minutes and work in the areas of communication and social skills. After a few months, they will re-evaluate if Colin still needs her services.

IMG_1402This photo is as close as I have to a photo of Colin and his shadow.  It was afternoon and he was watching Grandma Bain walk the dog.

And here is a photo of Alan and his Little Shadow when Colin visited at Louisville Public Media one afternoon…



One Response to “Me and My Shadow…”

  1. Dee Dee February 10, 2009 at 7:54 am #

    Hi Heather,

    Thanks for all the comments on our blog. I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing Colin’s progress. He sure is a cutie!

    Dee Dee

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