Colin’s Owie

5 Feb

A very reluctant Mama took Colin in for his bloodwork today.  We went to a local hospital that was in our insurance network.  They will forward the results of the many tests to Riley Hospital’s International Adoption Clinic and we should hear back from Riley within 2 weeks.  I tried to get Colin to drink lots of liquids before we headed to the hospital this morning.  We took Sock Monkey and his little blue blankie.  We had to sit in the waiting area for a little while before we were took back for his bloodwork.  Colin enjoyed showing his touchy feely book, That’s Not My Snowman, to an elderly woman who was also in the waiting area.  Once back in the waiting area, we had to wait some more while the nurse entered the codes for his test in the computer.  She had some problems figuring out the code for one (which did not reassure me in the least) but she finally resolved the problem after a phone call.  Colin sat on my lap in a big green chair.  TheIMG_1617 nurse tied the blue elastic band on Sock Monkey’s arm first and then did one for Colin’s arm.  An assistant held his arm taut for the nurse while I tried to comfort him. He bawled the whole time…I at one point suddenly thought of singing his favorite song, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”  When I started singing it and the ladies sang along, I did see a little smile of recognition through his tears.  So many vials of blood had to be taken from this poor baby!  He got a little bandage and so did Sock Monkey.   Even though he had not enjoyed having all that blood drawn, he just had to wave “bye bye” to the nurse.  What a good sport!

Colin had to show his owie (he knows how to do the sign for “hurt”) to the elderly couple waiting for labwork.  He was very very focused on that owie though the tears had stopped.

When we got home, he did not seem interested in lunch but he did want a milk bottle.  He played and played…Finally, a hungry Mama had to ask him to have some quiet crib time so IMG_1626she could finish eating and go to the restroom.  He fell asleep in his crib during his quiet time.  


One Response to “Colin’s Owie”

  1. Julie E February 6, 2009 at 2:28 pm #

    So glad that is over for Colin. He really likes that sock monkey! Have a good weekend!

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