A Hard Day…

28 Jan

Monday was a hard day…I was supposed to take Colin for a TB test but the car wouldn’t start…Colin was so disappointed that he wasn’t going “bmmm…bmmm…” in the car that he had a temper tantrum.  At lunch time, he decided he didn’t need a nap.  For an unknown reason he was very hyper (no sugar so his lunch isn’t to blame).  I tried what we have done in the past (several weeks ago) when he wasn’t willing to nap.  I left him for 10 minutes to have quiet time in his crib.  At some point, our dog came out of the nursery with Colin’s blanket draped across her back.  That was a bad sign!  I’d been listening to him on the monitor and had checked back once to find he’d thrown the blankets out and his teddy.  I’d given them back to him and changed his diaper.  Then, I started over and tried to check back several minutes later.  This time even our patient doggie was through with Colin!  I took the blanket off her and headed in to see how Colin was doing. Sure enough, his teddy and other blanket were thrown out the bed.  I had to give up…Wait a minute!  I decided to think outside of the box.  The rocking chair and book routine had failed…the quiet time in the crib had failed…What if I just strapped him on me? Thanks to my Ergo carrier, I was able to do a few things around the house, and Colin calmed down.  He even fell asleep…I eventually took him out of the carrier and laid him down in the bed.  I was so relieved that he finally got some rest. 


One Response to “A Hard Day…”

  1. Calli and Clint February 2, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    Way to go Big Sis!!! I never would have thought about carrying him around with you. That may be useful in future situations. I guess he may feel a little more comfortable there then in some places since he spent alot of time there while you were in Russia. Love ya’ll and can’t wait to see ya’ll when you come visit!!!


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