Prayer Requests Updates

22 Jan

Alan’s mother found out that her breast cancer has not spread to her lymph nodes.  The doctors will be developing a plan for radiation to take care of the non-invasive cancer cells that are present in her body.  Please pray that she will rest and take good care of herself as she prepares for radiation and that her body will heal.

My grandfather has recently lost the ability to talk.  Some other symptoms made my family think he might have suffered a stroke.  The doctor found two blockages and thinks this may be causing his problems.  He is starting plavix to thin the blood and, hopefully, make way for it to flow.  Surgery or putting in a stint, is too dangerous now. Pray that the medicine will work! Pray that God will give him peace and comfort during this frustrating time for him as he deals with the speech problems and some other symptoms.

Colin did well at his doctor’s appointment at Riley Hospital’s Adoption Clinic yesterday.  We will have his blood work done locally next week.  He had a restless night of sleep last night (and Alan did too) so we are praying that all of us will sleep well tonight.

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