"Mom Has a Mom and she’s my Grandma…"

20 Jan

My title refers to a line from a song on Colin’s Baby Signing Time video which I hear on a daily basis.” It is a fitting title for this posting because last week was another big grandparents’ week with Colin!  Last Sunday, he met Grandpa and Grandma Bain.  He also met our doggie, Lady MacBeth.  Grandma Bain came back with us to help us with Alan’s transition back to work and the introduction of our dog.  The only thing that would have made the week better was if Grandpa Bain had been able to visit with us at home. 

Grandma enjoyed feeding us and helped out with cleaning around the house.  She especially enjoyed time reading books with Colin, playing peek-a-boo, and watching Baby Signing Time(which Colin demands at least once a day).

Last Thursday, Colin had his First Steps evaluation to see whether he qualifies for any therapy which would be offered to us at a significant discount.  We will get the results on 1/28 since we already had our appointment booked on 1/21 at the Adoption Clinic at Riley Hospital.

Alan’s mother had her surgery on Wednesday and went home that evening.  She spent the rest of the week and weekend resting at home and waiting for test results.  She returns to the doctor for the test results later this week.

Colin’s ASL signs he signs for us so far are(some more often than others):  more, milk, water, eat/food, dog, papa, grandpa, banana, cracker, diaper, drink, hurt, and all done.  Words he sometimes says (out loud) are: hi, paca (bye), kaka(his short form of sabaka for dog), niet (no), dah (yes), mama, papa, book, and hot.  We think he has started trying to say “sheep.”  He loves the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” even though he can’t sing it yet.  He can answer “Where is the—-?” questions for many new words in English.

Here’s a photo of our sweetie with Grandma Bain:



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