Our Friday in Moscow…

20 Dec

Today, Colin was ready to get up earlier than usual.  We ended up going ahead and starting the day with breakfast and playtime.  At 1 p.m., our driver and our facilitator’s wife picked us up to head to the U.S. Embassy to complete an interview for Colin’s U.S.immigration paperwork and visa.  Colin slept until after 2 when we had our interview.  I think we were the third or fourth couple to complete our interview.  Colin had to come up to the window with us and they confirmed the photo and child matched.  They also had Alan and I swear that we had truthfully completed the paperwork.  We also were given an envelope for when we enter the U.S. with Colin.  This envelope includes all required information so that he will automatically become an American citizen upon entering America.  We were also given an information packet.

Colin perked up during the latter part of our Embassy visit.  He enjoyed watching all the children in the waiting room.  After we left the Embassy, we went to a children’s store to get a couple of new toys with which to entertain him.  We bought a caterpillar pull toy and some toy cars (we may save the toy cars until the long plane ride back…we’ll  see).  He was mesmerized by all the Christmas trees, tinsel, garlands, lights, and toys.  We wish we could have lingered longer in the toy store but our driver was waiting for us and big famous children’s store closest to us (near Red Square) has been closed for renovation since June.  We weren’t sure if we’d find another children’s store on our own.

Colin was cranky and tired on the drive back to the apartment.  He is teething and he sometimes gets frustrated with trying to communicate with us.  He doesn’t really say any words except what sounds like “Mama,” “Papa,” and what sounds like his Russian diminutive (name).  Once back at the apartment, he entertained himself for awhile with his new pull toy and especially with its box. 

Right now, he is so tired that we think we probably should put him to bed early.  He does have little tantrums when he is tired or frustrated.  He is doing better with his attachment with Papa though we still have work to do on helping him to let Papa comfort him more and helping him to be okay with Papa holding him more.

We are so thankful for the washing machine in our apartment!  After spending so many days doing laundry by hand in our previous hotel in our region laundry has been utter pleasure here in Moscow!  We need to buy some more sensitive detergent because we’ve almost gone through our whole little box.

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather, Alan, and Colin


2 Responses to “Our Friday in Moscow…”

  1. Kim Abraham December 20, 2008 at 8:24 am #

    Since you’ve had your Embassy visit it sounds like you’ll be traveling home soon! I know you are ready. I hope little Colin gets lots of sleep on the plane ;0) Safe travels!!!

  2. Julie E December 20, 2008 at 11:23 am #

    I feel like I am reading a favorite book. (I love to read!) Having followed so many families thru our chat group, so many things are the same. Yet, this is your story! And you are finally on the home stretch! So happy for you 3!

    Praying for your plane ride home. Just a few more days!

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