First Car Ride for Colin…

10 Dec

Tuesday morning, we visited Colin and his doctor did a wonderful job of settling him in with us and some crayons.  He didn’t really want to color with the crayons.  He focused on looking at them and putting them in and out of the box.  We introduced our little barn toy with farmyardplay_hands stuffed farm animals and he enjoyed hearing us make silly noises with it. Overall, it was a better visit than on Monday and we are glad to see him growing more comfortable with us.

On Tuesday night, we went to a big store at a local mall and then dinner at the home of the Jones’ family(an American family who lives here. The father is the pastor of a church here).  The big store was like a cross between Target, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club.  We were able to get a couple of smaller pairs of tights in case Colin’s don’t fit, diapers, and some baby snacks.  If some of our readers don’t know, tights are the norm for babies in Russia.  It is really a way to help keep the babies warm so think of them like thermal underwear.

Our meal with the Jones family was yummy and it was so comforting to be in the home of Americans.  They already had their Christmas tree up and we got to listen to Christmas songs on the way over to their apartment.  The children were so entertaining and sweet that they were a joy to spend time with, too.  We admire how the Jones’ home was so peaceful, respectful, fun and Christ-centered.

Today, we didn’t leave for the baby home until 3.  It took longer than our usual 30 minutes to get there due to slow traffic.  The snow has made the roads worse and there are so many people on the roads.   Once we got to the baby home, a caregiver and Colin got ready to ride in the mini-van with us to get Colin’s passport photo made.  Colin was all warm in his snow suit, snow boots and hat.  He sat in my lap and the caregiver sat behind us so it was just us comforting him during the car ride.  I had a disposable bib and a gallon-size ziploc bag ready just in case he was one of the children who gets carsick.  We were able to pull down the shades on the side windows and direct him to keep looking forward at all the cars.  He held on to Alan’s hand on one side and my hand on the other.  We know he must have been scared but he didn’t cry.  He kept looking out the front window and sat so quietly.  He even yawned a couple of times.  Once we got to the photography studio, we expected a similar set-up to how we get passport photos.  The caregiver took off his snow garb and then our facilitator helped to set him up in front of the camera.  They placed him in a little highchair.  This is where the photography session got kind of weird for Alan and me.  The photographer starts working on his camera, which was very simple and -for want of a more polite term- primitive. It was very old, and was a simple wooden box with accordion adjustable lens. The photographer flipped up the backside of the camera to slide the film in. After he closed the camera lid, an assistant caught Colin’s attention with a small Disney squeak toy (Pluto) and the photographer clicked the shutter. Colin was a bit disconcerted by the flashes, but like the whole trip, he soldiered on with quiet reserve.

After we returned to the baby home, Colin went back in to get out of his outerwear.  Then, our facilitator brought him upstairs to the playroom where Alan and I were told to wait.  A caregiver also brought in his roll and warm milk (which he’d missed earlier due to our trip to the photography studio).  He sat on Alan’ lap and ate his bun.  Alan helped him with his milk.  Colin had us move him to my lap for the last bit of his snack.  With a full tummy, he was ready to play.  He wanted to play with a pull toy which had stacking blocks that fit onto it.  Alan and he played with this toy for quite a while.  Then, Alan helped Colin to play with a toy airplane.  Alan would make a “swoosh” sound as he moved the airplane through the air.  Colin started to try to make the same sound while playing with the airplane.  He also played with his barn toy again and looked at his book about meeting us.  When it was time to go, he walked down the stairs with our facilitator.  Today was our best visit so far this week which helps to make up for the fact that our car ride back to the hotel took almost 2 hours instead the usual 30 minutes.

I don’t think I mentioned that the pants and overalls we brought all look too big.  He has actually been dressed in some Carter’s clothing which had visible 9 months’ tags in them.  We brought only 18 months clothes.  The shirts we brought all look like they will work.  The pants are the concern.  When I put a diaper cover over his disposable diaper it will help him to fill in his pants better.  We have also bought a pair of smaller pants.  We may need to buy another pair just in case.  Today he was wearing a pullover he wore on our first trip and it still fit.  I guess we just expected him to be wearing a larger size based on the updated measurements we received. 

Tomorrow (Thursday) if there are no driving problems, we are scheduled to leave for our visit at 9 a.m.  We are still scheduled to pick up Colin on Saturday.  We have debated moving to a bigger hotel room at that time but are considering making do in our current room so we can save about $50 a day.  We will leave for Moscow early next Wednesday morning(please pray for us on 12/16 American time because we are expected to hit the ground running when we arrive in Moscow).  Please continue to pray that Colin’s transition into our care will go smoothly.

Thanks for stopping by,

Heather & Alan


14 Responses to “First Car Ride for Colin…”

  1. Kathy B December 10, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    Heather and Alan,
    Thanks for all this wonderful news! Sweet, sweet Colin!! He already feels that you are going to protect and take care of him. How wonderful to see the revelation of our prayers coming to pass!
    I am so appreciative of the American pastor and his loving family who ministered to you and Alan with warm food and christian fellowship.
    Sorry all the clothes will not work. We tried didn’t we? Maybe some will come close. Do you think the shoes/boots will work?
    Saturday is near; {Gotcha Day for Colin) He is going to do wonderfully well. What a special little boy he is. How he is loved! May the Lord always direct his pathway.
    Continued prayers for health, strength and gained confidence of what a great Mommy and Daddy you and Alan will be.
    As we continue to float on our mountain top here in TN; rejoicing and praising our Lord, feel our joy as we sense yours.
    Love,Mom and Dad

  2. Michelle December 10, 2008 at 2:41 pm #

    I love your updates. I love how great the last visit went.

    I pray your transition time goes smooth and you all will be home before you know.

    May God keep his loving hand over you.

  3. Jamey December 10, 2008 at 3:36 pm #

    The tights aren’t a big deal…Alan’s been wearing ’em for years!

  4. Jennifer December 10, 2008 at 3:38 pm #

    Wow, I would have guessed he would fit in the bigger clothes too.

    It sounds like he is getting more comfortable with you as time goes on. We will continue to pray for all three of you with the transition process.

    Thanks for the updates!

  5. Lori J December 10, 2008 at 4:16 pm #

    I have obviously been under a rock!!!! Yah!!!! I can’t belive I missed all this! I am so happy and excited that you are so close to holding him in your arms FOREVER!!! What an awesome Christmas gift! Congratulations!

  6. Shelly December 10, 2008 at 5:10 pm #

    Hey guys!
    It sounds like things are moving right along! How exciting for all of you…we miss you guys and can’t wait to see you. Reading your updates has been one of the highlights of my day. I check morning and night for what you’re going to tell us. Take care of yourselves!

  7. Julie E December 10, 2008 at 10:11 pm #

    I enjoyed your post. I love all the details and feel like I can see many things from your descriptions. I can’t wait to see Colin’s precious face! Just 2 more days!

  8. Debbie Swingle December 10, 2008 at 10:22 pm #

    Go for the bigger room!! It was so nice to have the extra space- if only for us to be able to set up the computer in the second room and have some space after he went to sleep to talk without disturbing him. Made for great chase’m games too- along with the couch and extra storage space. The view isn’t as good- you’ll be on the other side of the hotel- the clock chimes are a little easier to hear. Aren’t they eerie? Are they playing Christmas music on the loudspeakers in town?

  9. Kris December 11, 2008 at 3:30 pm #

    Yes, bigger room is better, at least we were more comforatable in a suite. 2 more days! It’s amazing, and I’m so happy to hear you get your son soon too and can’t wait to see his pictures.

  10. Jessica Smith December 11, 2008 at 7:04 pm #

    Sounds like everything is going very well! We will continue to pray for you guys.

  11. Teresa December 12, 2008 at 12:09 pm #

    Hello – What great updates! This sounds like it was an amazing visit with your little guy! I can only imagine how exciting this must be! I am sure he is going to grow into those 18 months clothing soon enough – they seem to grow so fast.
    I am so very happy for you all – That is so amazing that you can finally pick Colin up on Saturday and then once you get to Moscow, you are almost home! That is so wonderful that you will be home for the Holidays!! Thanks so much for sharing your story – I can’t wait to meet Colin – at least in pictures!
    Warmest wishes…Teresa

  12. Elizabeth December 13, 2008 at 4:17 pm #

    Thanks Heather for sharing so much. It helps us anticipate our trip. So, wasn’t yesterday Saturday in Russia? Were you able to get Colin, is he in your arms forever?
    Can’t wait to read the details and see the family photos.
    God Bless,

  13. Kim Abraham December 14, 2008 at 2:59 am #


    I’m just getting caught up on reading blog posts. Congratulations on your successful court hearing!!! I can’t wait unitl you get to post Colin’s photos. We took both 9 mo. and 12 mo. clothes for our little girl. By the time we came home, she was wearing the larger size. I think she gained a 1 1/2 from cheerios alone! Have fun and enjoy the rest of your time in Russia!


  14. Kristine December 16, 2008 at 10:21 pm #

    He is just beautiful! Congratulations. So happy that you have him before Christmas!

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