How Cold Is it?

2 Dec

Well, it is so cold that Alan and I “freezed our numbins” off today (to use the words of my native tongue, Southern dialect particular to my family in west Tennessee).  We spoke on the phone with a family who is just finishing up their stay in our region and who will be heading to Moscow with their daughter soon.  We agreed (at least us woman folk did) that we’d all meet up at one of the local malls’ food court for lunch at 1:00.  This involved Alan and I taking our first Russian bus ride.  We were told that we needed to take Bus # 71 from Lenin Street and that there was no way we’d miss the mall.  We felt confident (at least I did).  I mean, I’ve taken public transportation in Scandinavia, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.  Surely, we couldn’t mess this up.  When we got on Bus #71, we found that the windows were all frozen over because it is so cold.  Our glasses fogged up too.  We had trouble seeing where we were going so we had to stay towards the front of the bus so we could peer out at the road.  Finally we got brave enough to ask the lady who was taking money for bus tickets if we were near the mall.  Our Russian was not very good so we didn’t understand all that she said but she basically told us that this bus line doesn’t go directly by the mall and we could not figure out where we needed to get off that would put us remotely near the mall. We did not get to meet up with the family.  We hope they will forgive us our navigation problems.  We have learned that we will have to get more information before we try to get to this mall again. 

We just learned that -18 to -23 degrees Celsius was the temperature range for today in our city.  That would explain why our walk outside to the bus and back was so painful!  We even saw a local newscaster interviewing folks on a pedway near the hotel.  We assume she was asking them about the weather.

We did not get to visit Colin today after our court appointment.  We are going to visit him tomorrow (Wednesday) around 3:30 or so (after his midday nap) close to snack time. We have never visited Colin this late in the day so it will be interesting to see how he does after his afternoon nap.  Hopefully, he is feeling better than he was on Monday.  We are going to take some clothes to try on him (if he is up to it) and see if any of our clothes are going to work.  Unless something changes (and we are praying that it won’t), we will likely get to pick him up next Saturday, December 13th.  The little boy I mentioned yesterday in my posting will be picked up by his parents this Saturday, December 6th.  I can’t remember if I mentioned yesterday but this little boy will be living in Kentucky not too far from us so we hope that we can stay in touch with the family and have the boys visit each other some in the future.

I tried to take a photo that will convey to you how cold it is here but it is pretty difficult to do!  Here’s one of my attempts:cold bridge


3 Responses to “How Cold Is it?”

  1. Jennifer December 2, 2008 at 9:09 am #

    I am freezing just looking at your picture. I remember how cold it was when we were in Ekat about this time 4 years ago picking up Kristofer. I think bitterly cold would be the way to describe it.

    Have fun!

  2. Nicole December 2, 2008 at 12:46 pm #

    Wow looks really cold! Congratulations on a successful court date! Another hurdle over…it must be a relief to have that behind you.

  3. Brad and DeeDee December 2, 2008 at 11:09 pm #

    Hi guys,
    I found your blog on frua a while back and have been following your progress. I was down in the lobby on Monday and I told Brad that you looked familiar. I finally figured out that I recognized you from the picture on the blog. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy we are for you! You do not have too much more to go. We are only on our first trip and would love to get some tips from you guys. We will keep an eye out for you, but we leave tomorrow morning. Stay warm!!!

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