Happy Thanksgiving!

20 Nov

We are having a mini-Thanksgiving celebration tonight since we are missing Thanksgiving here in the United States.  My school cafeteria served Thanksgiving food today and allowed folks to get “to-go” orders.  Our school cafeteria is not your ordinary, run of the mill  cafeteria and the Thanksgiving meal is looked forward to by all the staff and students of our school. 

turkeyWe have so much to be thankful for this year!  We have been privileged to get to know some wonderful, generous, kind folks through our adoption journey.  God has provided for us and continues to amaze us with His love and grace in our lives.  We have met a precious little boy for whom we pray we will be named parents very soon.  Until the court hearing and the 10-day wait are over, we can’t officially call him our son though I have already found myself calling him this over and over again in this blog and in my conversations with others.  I try to guard my heart but the truth is I am so incredibly excited at the possibility of being this little boy’s mama that I am finding myself crying at this very moment as I type these words.  Alan and I are praying and trusting that the God who has brought us so far in this journey to parenthood will be faithful to bring us through the next chapter of the adventure to which He has called us.  Are we scared?  Yes, we are still scared at the possibility of having court delays or not being able to finalize our adoption, but we are trusting God to take care of us and give us the strength we need to face these uncertainties. 

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