“Much To Do” About Our To-Do List

16 Nov

Airline tickets…..check!

Applications for visas mailed….check!

Reservations for accomodations in Moscow and our region….hmmmm…sort of…we are sending our credit card payment information to the Moscow company tomorrow.  We have clue if our region’s faciliator is working on getting our hotel rooms yet.  Please pray that our plans for accommodations will be finalized as soon as possible. 

Sinus infection….check!  Wait a minute!! This wasn’t on my to-do list for the trip!  Alan took me to the doctor today, and I am now on a round of antibiotics.  Not really what I needed for this busy week.  We are asking for prayers that I will get better quickly and that our health will be good during our stay in Russia. 

New photos of our sweet boy….Check!!  The photos are courtesy of a couple who just returned from finalizing their adoption of their little girl from the same baby home where Colin lives.  He does not look happy about having his photo made.  We can also see how much he has grown.  He looks a little less babyish and more toddlerish…

We are so excited about seeing him (God willing) in 13-15 days!  Please continue to pray that our court hearing will go smoothly and that we will enjoy sweet bonding time with our little one.

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