Praying for Wednesday…

10 Nov

We don’t know if our Court Petition is translated into Russian yet or not. We are praying and believing that it is ready(though we have not been told so by the agency) and that it will be submitted to the judge Wednesday (think Tuesday night Eastern & Standard Time Zones). IF the judge is too busy, he/she can tell our facilitator to come back the following week (petitions & court documents are only submitted on Wednesdays in our region). This would push our travel dates even closer to the holiday closings in Russia. Right now, we already know that it isn’t really possible for us to be back from Russia before Christmas; we are just hoping to be with our son in Russia at that time.

Please join us in praying that all will go well Wednesday and that we will receive word of our travel dates soon! The judge had the previous family’s (with our agency) petition and court documents on either Wed. 10/15 or Wed. 10/22…They heard travel dates on Thurs. 10/23(and traveled 13 days later to Russia!) so I’m predicting that we will either hear 1 day after the judge gets the petition and documents OR 8 days later…This means we could hear our travel dates at the earliest this Thursday 11/13 or next Thursday 11/20.(I choose not to even think about hearing the travel dates even later than these two possible dates…)

Today was another hard day at my job because I’ve had to explain why I’m not applying for a job opening up in January(they aren’t willing to hire a temporary teacher for the position). The number one reason I’ve had to decline is that we don’t know when we are going back to Russia…or when we will be back from Russia…We also don’t want to rush our baby’s adjustment/attachment to us and vice versa. The timing of this job opening and the timing of our trip to Russia are so incompatible that Alan and I see it as God making it clear that our priority must be our son right now. I’ve been looking for a permanent teaching job since 2005 so it has been a rough road…If God wants me to be a teacher, we are praying and trusting that He will provide the right job at the right time.

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2 Responses to “Praying for Wednesday…”

  1. Jennifer November 10, 2008 at 8:28 pm #

    Hi Heather,

    We are praying for that petition to go through this week so you can go and be with your boy soon!

    You are right, God will open the doors when the time is right for you to return to work after having some good attachment time with Colin. Everything will work out in the end.

    Much peace!

  2. Michelle November 10, 2008 at 11:17 pm #

    I will say extra prayers for you tonight and tomorrow. I really hope the judge does have time to look everything over.

    It’s amazing how job opportunities are open at the wrong time. Then down the road another one opens and it’s the best time. I agree that right now Colin is #1 priority.

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