The Petition Has Landed…

5 Nov

Our Petition arrived at the DHL facility in our region today, and our region facilitator will probably receive it tomorrow(Pray that the facilitator definitely receives it tomorrow, Thursday 11/6).  Our family coordinator told us she will let us know as soon as she receives any information regarding processing the petition or a court date.

Yay!  The Petition is in Russia!  Pray that it is quickly translated and submitted successfully to court right away so we can receive our court date.  I read that the soonest our court date could be would be 1 month from the time our documents are submitted to the judge.  I hope I am reading this wrong or that it is not accurate information. I am checking on this…If it is accurate info. then the soonest we can have a court hearing no sooner than 12/9 (and that would mean our petition would be translated super quick!).  Pray that either I am wrong or that some how an exception will be made for us.

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One Response to “The Petition Has Landed…”

  1. Tisha November 5, 2008 at 6:32 pm #

    It sounds like you are getting close! (I think? The Russian process seems a lot different than the Ethiopian.) I left info in answer to your question about re-adoption on our blog. Hope it helps. 🙂

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