A Little Update…

22 Sep

Not much to report.  Our adoption agency family coordinator was emailed the rough draft of our homestudy update so pray that she will be able to review it quickly so we can finalize the update.  We also have some other documents we are waiting on her to review. 

We were blessed to visit with a family who lives near us who have three sons adopted from Russia; the two youngest were welcomed home in July.  We are excited that our Colin will have friends who share his Russian heritage.  The family is also a wonderful resource for adoptive parenting ideas and support. 

We ask for continued prayers that our Petition to Court will arrive soon.  September is not over yet so maybe we will be surprised with it this month! 

Our board book with photos of our visit with Colin came in the mail today and we are super excited to mail it to the family who will be (we pray) returning for their court date soon.  Their little girl is at the same baby home as Colin.  We hope the caregivers will read the book to him.  Remember that you can also design your own board book at http://mycustomstory.com/shop/.  The customer service was terrific!

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