Fundraising Weekend…

11 Sep

Our community has its annual heritage festival this weekend so we are having yet another yard sale(two days) and everything must go!  We are hoping that we will raise more money to go towards our foreign fees.  Our church is having concerts on Saturday during the festival.  They offered to let us split income from the concession stands with Compassion International.  We aren’t sure what kind of turn out there will be for the concerts since it is the first year and we aren’t sure how publicized it has been.  Say a prayer that God will continue to be glorified through the ways He is providing financially for our adoption. 

September 16th is the deadline for tax-deductible donations to our adoption grant through LifeSong.  You can click on the tab at the top of the page for more information. 

I’m very tired and have run out of room for yard sale items (there is a chance of rain tomorrow so we can’t put out any more tables than can fit in the garage).

Please continue to pray that our Petition to Court will come soon.  Court dates tend to happen about 1 month after Petitions to Court are received so right now we are prayerful we will get it in time to return to Russia in November or December.

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One Response to “Fundraising Weekend…”

  1. Jennifer September 11, 2008 at 10:01 pm #

    What wonderful news! I am so happy your church is able to help out. I’ll be praying that their concession stand is blessed at this festival for sure!


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