Renewed Hope…

6 Sep

This week started out rough in that the lack of any news from our agency was weighing heavily on my mind. The agency was closed on Monday and Tuesday for a long holiday weekend, too. Thankfully, I’d scheduled another prayer day with our adoption group (through our agency’s yahoo group) and I know that we were all looking forward to this time to pray and praise God. It has been such a blessing and privilege to pray with families through our yahoo group for almost one year! We were all praying for renewal of strength and hope as we wait on our children and as some of our members strive to be godly parents now that their children are at home. 

God was faithful to work in many hearts this week (especially mine).  As we prepared for prayer day and then as we then prayed in unity on Thursday (it ended up being the same day of our homestudy visit!), we were reminded of God’s faithfulness and of His love for us.  I rejoice to say that we also have renewed hope that God will finish what He has begun in our lives–the shaping of our families through the blessing of adoption.

I learned this week that our wait between trips is still predicted to be 4 months, which means we are now half-way there (God willing).  I also learned that our Petition to Court (that pesky paper I keep mentioning the need for!) may already be written…We still need to pray that we will get it soon.  Once we receive our Petition and sign it, notarize it, and apostille it, it will be mailed to our facilitator.  It takes about 1 week to translate and then it will be delivered with our paperwork to court.  It could take 1 week or more after it is delivered to get a court date.

The day before our prayer day, my friend Julie received the call about her family’s referral of a little boy.  She submitted her dossier about a month after we did so we have been on this journey for almost the same amount of time.  I am happy to share that after their medical consultation, prayer, and discussion, they have felt led to go meet this sweet boy in Russia!  They will be traveling to our same region in 1-2 weeks.  We are praying for them and rejoicing with them as they prepare for their trip!

Our update on gifts given to our adoption fund through LifeSong:  $1345 given in the past two weeks.  Overall total so far:  $2120!!

We are so grateful to every one who has given so far and for those who are hoping to give soon to our adoption fund. The deadline for the LifeSong Adoption Fund (tax deductible donations) is September 16th.



2 Responses to “Renewed Hope…”

  1. Julie E September 7, 2008 at 9:00 am #

    In all our excitement I did not realize you heard good news about your petition to court. That sounds very positive! Thank you for everything-your support, your encouragement and all the info and advice! You are such a blessing to me.

  2. rachael September 7, 2008 at 11:30 am #


    The Russian “Guess How Much I Love You” book you asked about was purchased by my friend, Tamara (MoscowMom in blog circles) who lives in Moscow. She brought it back to the U.S. for me when she visited last. She gave us two copies, so I gave the one away in my drawing and kept the one for my daughter. It’s one of Katya’s favorite Russian books. You could ask Tamara to purchase a copy for you and bring it at Christmas time, perhaps. She’s offered before to do this type of thing for other families. Her blog is:

    Another source for Russian children’s book is: I’ve ordered nice things from there before, but I don’t see that they have this particular book.

    Best of luck to you with your court date! The waiting and uncertainty is not easy, I know.


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