No News….

2 Sep

Our agency has been closed for Labor Day and today, too.  We have families who have been waiting for Petitions to Court (which are required when our court documents are submitted to our region’s court) for 2-4+ months.  Please pray for many families to receive Petitions to Court this month and for many court dates to be given this month.

Our agency last told us that the wait between trips is about 4 months.  We have not been told anything different lately but the fact that all these folks are still waiting along with us (who had gone 1 or more months before our 1st trip) is making us anxious…We are going to doublecheck with our agency and see if our facilitator even thinks we have a possibility of having our 2nd trip before the end of 2008.  We know God is more than able to remove the obstacles between these children and their families…Please intercede on our behalves and pray that God will help to bring our children home…and that He will give us strength as we wait…

By the way, we received gifts today from my friend in Germany, Elena, for our Colin. Opening the sweet package today cheered us, and we are so excited to share the gifts with Colin sometime (we pray) soon.

It overwhelms us to think of all our friends and family near and far who have encouraged us and prayed for us.  We are so grateful to you all!

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