6 Aug

Our apostilled papers arrived at our adoption agency before 11 this morning.  I am so relieved to know that they are there.  If you refer back to our previous posts this week, you know I was way too stressed over two of these papers.  Now, we will assume that they will be sent where they need to go and that we can resume working on papers that we have to re-do because they are expiring this fall…

We have finished putting our little one’s bed together so we will try to post photos soon of it.  I was a little leary of doing it without a definite court date in sight as of yet, but we really wanted to see what it would look like…and we really wanted to start making his room even more of his room in anticipation of him being in it soon…”Unwavering confidence…” what I am striving to have right now… despite the prediction of 3 1/2 more months away from our sweet boy, we can have confidence that God is working on our behalf “behind the scenes” and in ways to bring Him glory…that the “mountain” of a wait that looms ahead of us is not too big for our God and that it is merely an opportunity for Him to act and for us to trust Him no matter what others may say and no matter what circumstances we face…

One “mountain” that makes me sad this week is that of my aunt’s health problems…I only have one aunt…My mother is an only child and my father has only one sibling, my uncle…My aunt just had surgery and is facing radiation treatments…We are praying that her strength will be restored, that she will not be in pain, and that God will take care of her in the midst of this illness…I’m praying also that our little boy will get to meet her one day and that she will be able to celebrate with us as he joins our family.  It has been so long since we’ve had a little one in our small family(my little brother is getting closer to 30)!  Our Colin will be loved and enjoyed so much by his family!

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