What Next?

5 Aug

Here’s an update on what we are waiting for in order to get a court date….we are waiting on a Petition to Court which will come from the facilitator who works with our adoption agency.  Once we get that, we are truly on the road to getting a court date.  However, we still need many prayers that we will be able to receive our petition to court soon and quickly thereafter get our court date…I have heard of some folks having to wait 2 or  more months after they received their Petition to Court before they had court….If we received our Petition to Court, say, in September, that would put us potentially returning for court in 2009…It kind of would depend on whether the court asked us for many additional papers and if so how quickly we are able to get them and get the court to approve them…Please pray that things will move quickly and that we will be able to have our court date before the end of 2008…

“Unwavering confidence….”  I’m going to hand over these worries and fears to God and rest tonight knowing that I can stay confident in God and His power to overcome these obstacles between us and our son…

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