21 Jul

*My title for this posting refers to getting our home ready for baby, adoption paperwork, and to school starting back next week*

This weekend, we were finally able to pick up our doggie, Macbeth, from my parents….We met my parents about half-way between our homes and then we ate at Sonic before heading back home with MacBeth.  It had been a couple of weeks since she’d been at home with us so we were glad to have her back…One of those weeks we were in Russia showing our photo album to a certain little boy.  Macbeth loves children so we hope she is able to meet and get to know our little one.  Our guesstimate of her age is over 11 years old (I think…Alan may have to correct me).

I’m waiting on information from our adoption agency before I can complete one of the forms that is required post-first trip.  It is hard waiting when I feel such a sense of urgency now that we have met him and now that we can picture him with every piece of paper we have to get notarized and apostilled.

We don’t have any trip photos to post because we were only passing through Moscow and our other ones either include the baby or details specific to our region.  We don’t want to hinder our adoption process by posting any thing that would violate Russian adoption laws and customs.

While I’m thinking of it, I want to say that the adoption agency staff who worked with us in Russia and the other Russian citizens we met while traveling were all kind and helpful.  We felt very welcomed and blessed during our stay in Russia.  We did not get sick or lose luggage or experience major travel snafus so we are very thankful.

We do have things to do here at home to get ready for our son.  We finally are getting a crib–a convertible kind that we can change into a toddler bed and ultimately a regular-sized bed.  We are trying to figure out which shoe sizes to take…I think we’ll have to take a couple of sizes because it is hard to predict how much his feet may grow and/or how long it will be until we see him again.  Worst case scenario, we can buy some in Russia but I’d prefer to just get shoes here (hopefully on sale!)

We continue to childproof the house and try to de-clutter it so it is ready for a child who is already walking.  We’d done some of this during our homestudy last fall but are now finding out that we must put more things in the basement storage to make room for our little one’s bed and belongings.

I start back to school next week but unlike the last two years, I am working as a support staff member instead of a classroom teacher.  While this is not ideal, we are still thankful that I do have a job and will be at my former school.  Please continue to pray for our financial provision for the adoption.  This job is certainly not going to make a dent in our expenses so we are still in need of prayer for God’s provision for us.  If you ever feel led to give, you can see the side bar or you can contact me for our mailing address.

We also still appreciate your prayers that we will be able to have a court date before the end of the year and that God will take care of our little one while we are apart.

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One Response to “Homework…”

  1. Tammy July 21, 2008 at 1:14 pm #

    We will pray for God speed in our return to Russia. I know that it will be a lot harder now that you know the child. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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